Thursday, August 29, 2013

Is Obama Trying to Purposely Start World War III?

Two things are happening right now under President Barack Obama that are unprecedented. First, Obama is about to go to war in Syria and risk your sons' and daughters' lives on behalf of our enemy, al-Qaida. Second, he is about to risk starting World War III. Are you on board?

And then there's Obama's "red line." Obama's defenders say, "Syria passed the red line. We have no choice." Really?  So we now call extremist Muslims killing other extremist Muslims a "red line" that demands U.S. intervention. But extremist Muslims in Egypt burning more than 70 churches to the ground and killing Christians is not a "red line?" In one place (Syria), we want to go to war. In the other (Egypt), we continue to send billions of dollars in foreign aid as a reward for killing Christians. Do you support Obama's definition of a "red line?" I know I don't. [more...]

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