Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Showdown: Historian Diana West versus the Intelligentsia

Diana West's provocative new book, American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation's Character, has been making waves on both the right and the left for bombshell claims of Communist infiltration of the United States government in the twentieth century.

After the book was "serialized" on Breitbart News, attacks have come from the left and even the right.

Conservative Front Page Magazine writer and historian Ronald Radosh called West Joe McCarthy's "heiress." Radosh attacked her for being "reckless" and giving "anti-communism a bad name."

West fired back on her Web site and said of Radosh's review, "This hit piece isn't just mendacious. It's incompetent. I think the import is already clear. Radosh didn't read the book, or, more likely, constructed a review calculated to undermine my arguments by gross omission."

The feud between Radosh and West has moved on from internecine battles on the right as New York Magazine writer Jonathan Chait weighed in from the left. Chait said in an article titled, "Conservative Historian Has Interesting Ideas," that "Faithful readers of the conservative news have been conditioned to believe that modern history is shaped by dark liberal plots, all covered up by the mainstream news." [more...]

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