Tuesday, September 2, 2014

9-2-14 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Joe Messina: Heil Putin! Our New Supreme Commander in Chief
2. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Civics is the Business of Citizenship
3. Rabbi D.B. Ganz: The President's Labor Day Speech - A Conservative Pushback
4. James Hirsen: Hollywood's War on Free Expression
5. Sandy Botkin: Never Borrow from the IRS
6. John LeBoutillier: Is Pres. Obama Playing Politics with ISIS/Ukraine Crises in Order to Keep Senate in November?

Heil Putin! Our New Supreme Commander in Chief

Comrade Vlad came out this week and basically said Russia has nuclear weapons so we will do what we want, where we want, and your mouse of a president will do nothing. Remember that little slip last year when President Obama told then-President Medvedev to tell Vlad he will be more flexible after the election? He must have meant flexibility to back off supporting our allies and do nothing. [more...]

Civics is the Business of Citizenship

The chaos that erupted in Ferguson, MO is the result of creeping civic decay in public life. Over the years, American civilians have increasingly declined in their levels of civic engagement, knowledge, participation and awareness. Civics is the business of citizenship. It is summed up with three things: personal values, knowledge of the system that keeps our world spinning and a skill set to pursue a goal that gets others to go into business with you towards attaining that goal. The whole business of politics has demotivated civilians away from this subject, propelling an epidemic where too many people are illiterate in power. [more...]

The President's Labor Day Speech - A Conservative Pushback

In Obama's Labor Day speech, he outlined what many Democrats are using as a midterm platform, highlighting hopes to raise the minimum wage and pass immigration reform. He also used the speech to portray Republicans as obstructionists who are holding the country back, telling the receptive audience that "most of the policies I am talking about have two things in common: they are going to help more families get ahead, and Republicans who run our Congress oppose almost all of them." I say when it comes to employers and employees, the government should protect the rights and safety of all parties, but it should not interfere at all in the agreements between them. Furthermore, government should not be a wholesale distributor of assistance to the less fortunate. [more...]

Hollywood's War on Free Expression

In the current cultural environment, political correctness puts forth the rationale that an ideological set of standards is being exercised in an effort to prevent offensive expression. However, the implementation of the inflexible liberal rules is sometimes at the expense of liberty and truth. Enforcement of a politically correct rubric has become, in essence, a war on various aspects of free expression including language, writing, images, and music. The left nevertheless continues to expand its politically correct applications, despite the ramifications of the inhibition of speech and alteration of behavior. [more...]

Never Borrow from the IRS

There is one place that you should NEVER, EVER borrow money from, besides loan sharks. Do you know what that place is? I'll give you a hint, people refer to it by using three letters! It's the Internal Revenue Service. If you have employees, you have to pay payroll taxes and other withheld taxes to the government. When things get tight, it is very tempting to borrow from these taxes to pay bills; after all, it is so available. However, don't do it or you will face the bounty hunter from hell. Trust me, they make "Dog" the Bounty Hunter look like a pussy cat. Borrowing tax money is theft; it isn't yours. You are a fiduciary for that money. If you willfully fail to send in the money owed to the government, there is a penalty for 100% of the tax owed. Let me say this again in case you are tired while reading this. You will not only owe the original tax money, but also a 100% penalty! This is in addition to other penalties and interest. It would make a loan shark blush. [more...]

Is Pres. Obama Playing Politics with ISIS/Ukraine Crises in Order to Keep Senate in November?

How can a President of the United States hold a press conference to announce, "We do not have a strategy" and refuse to call the Russian invasion of Ukraine an "invasion?" Is President Obama playing politics here by downplaying these crises and instead trying to rally the Democrat base for this November by talking immigration, income inequality and climate change? This – and much more – will be discussed by the POLITICAL INSIDERS. [more...]

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