Wednesday, September 24, 2014

9-24-14 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Gerard Lameiro: Has the FTC Gone Too Far in its Legal Settlement with Google?
2. Joe Messina: The "Big Brass" Break their Silence
3. Kyle Olson: New Hampshire District Mulls Dropping Michelle O's School Lunch Rules
4. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Sports Heroes to Zeroes
5. Dave Bego: 2014 Elections - Do They Think We Are Idiots?

Has the FTC Gone Too Far in its Legal Settlement with Google?

In a Wall Street Journal article last week that discusses the FTC legal settlement with Google, we learn that this settlement might impact technology innovation for the next 20 years!  What legal settlement are they referring too?  Why might it impact technology innovation for 20 years?  Has the Federal Trade Commission morphed into the Federal Technology Commission?  And, what is the FTC’s real role anyway? For more about the impact and costs of regulations on our economic freedom and economic growth, please read my new book: Renewing America and Its Heritage of Freedom: What Freedom-Loving Americans Can Do to Help. [more...]

The "Big Brass" Break their Silence

I knew it wouldn’t be long before the men and women of the military with their high standards and moral values would eventually start to spew. Unlike the henchmen of Hitler who followed orders fearing for their lives or simply for the glory of their motherland, most of our military troops fight because they believe in what this country stands for. Ultimately, our military is loyal to the country, not to the Commander in Chief. They know how to follow orders. They have been trained that they are part of a bigger picture and not to question, just do. But there's an integrity alarm that starts to go off in their heads when someone who has never even played a game of Battleship starts to dictate war games and strategy. [more...]

New Hampshire District Mulls Dropping Michelle O's School Lunch Rules

Dissatisfied with school lunch edicts handed down from Washington, D.C., the Windham School District is the latest to explore opting out of the National School Lunch Program. Superintendent Winfried Feneberg called them "draconian-seeming restrictions." The board's heartburn stems from school lunch and snack nutrition regulations championed by First Lady Michelle Obama. Steel told the board the district would stand to lose "thousands of dollars" in federal reimbursements each year. "If we were to opt out, I’m assuming the district would still want to provide lunch for our needy students," Steel says. "And that means we’d have to add at least $1.15 to our meal prices if participation rates stay the same." [more...]

Sports Heroes to Zeroes

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, has since implemented a new policy in the aftermath of the Ray Rice domestic violence case. The new policy states that a player will be suspended six games if convicted for domestic violence and suspended indefinitely for a second offense. There is also the case of Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings Player who allegedly beat his child so hard with a stick the boy was left with lacerations, and Darren Sharper, a five-time Pro Bowl player now serving jail time for raping two women by use of drugs. It is ridiculous that these people are being paid so much, while the average schoolteacher risks losing their job for so little as touching a child out of sympathy for their struggle or for situations when reprimanding them. In general, teachers are the heart of this country’s education system. They are the true heroes, not these NFL athletes - or any type of pro athlete. [more...]

2014 Elections - Do They Think We Are Idiots?

In recent weeks, Big Labor's campaigns of intimidation and misinformation have risen to new heights. This is highlighted by the recent headline Unions say they’ll get even with Scott Walker, for passing popular laws restricting collective bargaining agreements and dues collection in Wisconsin. Such tactics are typical big labor strategy, as chronicled in The Devil at Our Doorstep, which clearly exposes the SEIU’s Death by a Thousand Cuts Corporate Campaign to use intimidation and misinformation to achieve its goals. Unions accuse corporations of have an unfair advantage, stating that they have more money to spend on election candidates. The truth, however, is that unions are outspending corporations on campaign ads despite court ruling. [more...]

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