Monday, September 29, 2014

9-29-14 Great Guests for Your Show

1. James Hirsen: Feds Greenlight Hollywood's Use of Drones
2. Prof. Paul Merkley: The Ongoing Campaign of Liquidation of Christians in the Arab World
3. Gerard Lameiro: Will "The Virus of Pain" Hit America?
4. Joe Messina: Our Unknown Soldier
5. Kyle Olson: Illinois District Weighs Dropping Michelle Obama's Lunch Program

Feds Greenlight Hollywood's Use of Drones

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the Obama administration recently granted Hollywood an exemption to the government's ban on commercial drone usage. The action by the FAA allows designated television and film production companies to use the unmanned aircraft on U.S. movie and TV projects. After processing applications from seven production companies, the government agency gave six of the firms the legal right to use camera-equipped drones on specified movie and television sets. [more...]

The Ongoing Campaign of Liquidation of Christians in the Arab World

As the political scene in the Middle East becomes increasingly crowded and confused, only one theme becomes ever clearer, even though it is among the least discussed in our midst: The Christian communities of the Arab world are being forced upon the path to extermination. The notion that illiberal attitudes and religious obscurantism would dissolve as the Arab Spring advanced - as democracy developed on Arab soil - has been utterly discredited. In Egypt, the largest of the Arab nations, and the one that seemed to hold out the most promise at first, the experiment in democracy has been dismantled; but the Christian minority has been severely weakened by three years of menace from Islamist mobs. The political eclipse of the Muslim Brotherhood has evidently not significantly reduced this menace. [more...]

Will "The Virus of Pain" Hit America?

There have been reports of the Secretary of State warning about another surge of illegal immigrants that might come across our borders, at the very same time that Central America is dealing with new epidemics of terrible diseases.  Will America's open border policy lead to diseases crossing our southern border?  Will Dengue Fever hit America soon?  Will the U.S. fall prey to Chikungunya, the so-called “Virus of Pain?”  Are people being overly dramatic?  Or is the evidence real that we are in danger?  Should America take immediate action to prevent outbreaks of these terrible diseases in America?  Let's look at the facts right now. Read more in my new book: Renewing America and Its Heritage of Freedom: What Freedom-Loving Americans Can Do to Help. [more...]

Our Unknown Soldier

At the time of this writing Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi will have been in jail six full months - 180 days - a soldier in the United States Marine Corps. His crime? Accidently making a wrong turn into Mexico - our friends, our neighbors to the south. Yes, they claim to be our friends. America, pray for this man. He is in danger, mentally and physically, and even though our president says we never abandon our soldiers, he, Mr. Obama (not "We the People") has abandoned one of our KNOWN soldiers. [more...]

Illinois District Weighs Dropping Michelle Obama's Lunch Program

Boys aren't the only ones being left hungry by the new school lunch rules. Girls are famished, too. "It's just been an issue in the last few weeks," says Altamont superintendent Jeff Fritchtnitch. "It's one thing when boys are telling us they're hungry. They're always hungry. It's another thing when the volleyball players are telling us they want to leave early to get something to eat before the game." Fritchtnitch says the problem of students remaining hungry after eating school-cooked lunches "may be resolved" by dropping out of the National School Lunch Program. "We've got kids that are complaining that they're not getting enough food, because the guidelines are so strict, and we have to keep it that way," says the superintendent. [more...]

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