Wednesday, November 12, 2014

11-12-14 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Joseph Klein: The Car Intifada
2. Kyle Olson: Homeschooling Rate Nearly Doubles in Virginia
3. James Hirsen: Alibaba Poised to Buy Control of Hollywood Studio
4. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Net Neutrality - Obamacare for the Internet?
5. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: The Fate of the Internet is in the Buffer Speed Zone Regulations
6. Joe Messina: Our Stubborn Teenager
7. John LeBoutillier: What Really Happened on Election Day - and What Does it Mean?

The Car Intifada

Hamas leaders have urged their followers to use their cars and knives to spill as much Jewish blood as possible. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas called on Palestinians to stop Jews from visiting the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the holiest site in Judaism as well as the location of the Islamic Al Aqsa complex, by using "all means" necessary. The calls for violence by top Palestinian authorities have been enthusiastically answered by thugs in the streets.  Six Israelis have been killed in terror attacks in the last thirty days – not by rockets this time, but by cars and knives wielded as murder weapons against Israeli soldiers and civilians alike, including women and children. [more...]

Homeschooling Rate Nearly Doubles in Virginia

Kyle Olson is the Publisher and CEO of - a national, non-partisan organization devoted to school spending reform and ensuring that accountability and parental choice exist in public education. Here are some of his top stories this week:

Alibaba Poised to Buy Control of Hollywood Studio

Jack Ma recently delivered a keynote address at the Wall Street Journal's digital tech event, "WSJD Live." The richest man in China described the company he founded, Alibaba, as "the biggest entertainment company in the world." The Chinese magnate told the crowd, "I want to come here looking for partners." He emphasized a reality that most Hollywood executives and creative types already know, that China is destined to become the largest movie market in the world. "Movies are the best way to change young people's behavior and thinking," Ma said, touching on an issue with which young people in his country are having to deal concerning the rapid economic growth that China is undergoing. [more...]

Net Neutrality - Obamacare for the Internet?

Net Neutrality made news headlines as the President calls for regulations on the Internet to keep "a free and open Internet." BUT... will these new regulations actually keep the Internet free and open?  Or, will they do just the opposite?  Will they discourage innovation?  Will they discourage new technology investment?  And, will they discourage new job creation?  Net neutrality, by definition, is a benign-sounding term for the regulation of the Internet by the Federal Communications Commission.  It's an effort to micro-manage those companies that provide Internet services to Americans.  Rather than treat the Internet as an "information service" under Title I of the Communications Act, implementing Net Neutrality under the President's recommendation would treat broadband services as a Title II "utility" such as a phone service - thereby, preventing Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from managing their infrastructure carefully to maximize customer services and economic value. [more...]

The Fate of the Internet is in the Buffer Speed Zone Regulations

The controversial subject of net neutrality first became a hot topic earlier this year, after a federal court ruled in favor of broadband companies, allowing them to make deals with content providers, who would pay for faster internet connections. Since then, The FCC’S been trying to come up with new internet regulations. On Thursday, the FCC presented a proposal for new rules that would dictate how broadband companies are allowed to treat cyber traffic. This critical piece of prospective regulation has drawn the attention of the world’s largest companies and a wide range of politicians. [more...]

Our Stubborn Teenager

Don't you feel like you're dealing with a stubborn teenager every time you hear President Obama speak? Even his own party has started to look on him with disdain and disgust. He did nothing (thank God!) to help his party win or keep seats, except raise money. We learned several things in this last election: mainly, you really can't buy votes, and negative ads are no longer effective. [more...]

What Really Happened on Election Day - and What Does it Mean?

What really happened in last week's elections – and why? What will happen to the final two years of the Obama Presidency? Will the GOP-controlled Congress govern responsibly, or fall prey to infighting and internal divisions? How does all this impact the 2016 race? This – and much more – will be discussed by the POLITICAL INSIDERS. [more...]

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