Monday, November 3, 2014

Hollywood's Attempt to Thwart GOP Midterm Victory

Hollywood has been in full support mode of the Democrats in their efforts to hang onto political power following the midterm elections. Using Internet videos, celebrity endorsements, financial contributions and power-packed fundraising events, entertainment figures have been key players in Democrat campaigns across the nation.

Hollywood is masterful when it comes to content creation, and one of the primary ways entertainment industry activists are able to contribute to the campaigns of their choice is through assisting in the design and production of video footage. Video of this type has the potential to be exponential in its attention-attracting payoff, particularly if it should go viral on the Internet.

Add to the Democrat campaign stash the piles of donations that resulted from fundraisers in which Hollywood notables were afforded the opportunity to give the maximum $32,400 to the Democratic National Committee and it quickly becomes apparent that the entertainment community is fully invested in the outcome of the elections. [more...]

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