Tuesday, November 18, 2014

11-18-14 Great Guests for Your Show

1. James Hirsen: Stars of Band Aide Reunite to Fight Ebola
2. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Congress vs. the President - An Election Mandate and Next Steps
3. Wayne Allyn Root: Why Does Obama Hate African-Americans and Jews?
4. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Policy Impacted by Politics
5. Joe Messina: Is Lying Just a Part of Being a Democrat?

Stars of Band Aide Reunite to Fight Ebola

The original Band Aid was a charity-induced supergroup founded in 1984 by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure. Geldof was the lead singer of the Boomtown Rats in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and Ure was the frontman of Ultravox. The celebrity musicians joined forces for a noble cause, and that was to raise money to fight hunger in Ethiopia. The release of the song "Do They Know It’s Christmas?" was the primary vehicle used to generate financial contributions. Some are wondering whether the new version of Band Aid will turn out to be like the original, falling short of its loftier goals. Time will tell, but doing something beats the alternative. [more...]

Congress vs. the President - An Election Mandate and Next Steps

The elections sent a clear message to Washington. In fact, I think it gave a very powerful and historical mandate to political leaders. Given that mandate, Congress will have the wisdom, the courage and the strength to follow through on the 2014 election mandate. I anticipate these are the next steps... [more...]

Why Does Obama Hate African-Americans and Jews?

On this past Election Day, President Obama got 89% support from black voters and 66% support from Jewish voters. Why are African-Americans and Jews voting against their own self-interest? As an American (and a Jew), I couldn’t think of a more dangerous or damaging plan towards African-Americans or Jews than the one being carried out by Obama. Obama’s plan to give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens will not greatly affect my life as a successful businessman. However, it will it crush the lives of millions of poor and lower income black Americans, especially those striving and working hard to escape poverty and achieve the American dream. After six years of Obama’s presidency, African-American unemployment is more than double that of whites. Obama’s policies haven’t provided jobs (obviously), but has caused record levels of welfare, food stamps, disability and other handouts from government.  And how about Jewish Americans? Israel’s right to exist is of paramount importance to most American Jews. The list is long of things Obama has said and done which indicate that he is no friend of Israel. [more...]

Policy Impacted by Politics

Old videos of Jonathan Gruber, MIT economics professor and architect of Obamacare, speaking in detail about the Affordable Care Act recently set off a political firestorm. These speeches offered some much needed insight into how policy is impacted by politics - and the ultimate motive behind the structure and plans of the Affordable Care Act. Despite Gruber calling American voters "stupid," I do not think this true. The American people are not stupid; they have been ignorant. It is time we educate ourselves, so that we may take the necessary steps towards socio-economical self-empowerment and to then be capable of taking responsibility for this nation's present state and potential future. I think a shift in the American people and their governmental power paradigm is not only essential, but crucial for our sustainability as well as for the sake of us remaining a substantial nation respectable by world standards. [more...]

Is Lying Just a Part of Being a Democrat?

Do you really think the White House knew nothing of what Professor Gruber said? You know - that the healthcare bill was drafted to hide the fact that it was a tax and that they were banking on the ignorance of the American people's blind trust in the president? Do you really think that Mr. Reid, Mrs. Pelosi and Mr. Biden didn't know how they were going to have to prostitute themselves to sell this to the American people? They launched a campaign to mislead us into thinking that Republicans hate women, Republicans hate minorities, and that, simply put, Republicans only love the one-percenters. The sad thing about all of this is that it's this Administration and this group of legislative Democrats who think the American people are too stupid to figure it out on their own. Their actions and words prove it. They would be found guilty in a court of law for all the lies they've told. [more...]

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