Thursday, December 18, 2014

12-18-14 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: The Cuba Decision - Bad for Freedom but Good for Tyranny
2. Joe Messina: It's Beginning to Look a Lot Less Like Christmas
3. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Hack Attacks - A New Kind of Warfare
4. Bill Tatro: Falling Oil = Increased Spending, Not Exactly

The Cuba Decision - Bad for Freedom but Good for Tyranny

The decision to "normalize relations with Cuba" by the current administration has been called "another concession to tyranny."  Why is this decision bad for freedom and good for tyranny?  For one thing, America is the beacon for hope for oppressed people around the world.  This decision makes it look like America is abandoning its strong support and encouragement for freedom. America has a long history of living in freedom and supporting freedom.  America lives under a Constitution that protects freedom.  This decision does not support freedom.  Rather, it says tyranny will be rewarded and will not have to give up its dictatorial policies to be recognized by America. [more...]

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Less Like Christmas

I was at S####cuts the other day and noticed that there were NO Christmas or holiday decorations. When I asked them why, I was told the corporate office says there is not to be any type of celebration of the Christmas or holiday season. Why is that (even though you could buy a little gift card with a snowman on it) confusing? "We might offend someone," they replied. Well, you just did. Me! And I make up 72% of Americans who say they believe in God and an even larger number who say they are not offended when offered a Merry Christmas in a genuine way. [more...]

Hack Attacks - A New Kind of Warfare

The size and scope of the recent hack of Sony Pictures is an unprecedented event in the US for such a major company. Several news headlines about hacking incidents this past year have led me to perceive cyber security and hack attacks from a completely different perspective. The hackers’ political motives and the public humiliation of Sony raise the possibility of an entirely new approach to cyber-attacks, which combine the hacker ideologies with "creative" expression through a performance that humiliates its target while destroying data and causing the organization to internally crumble into a state of inoperable chaos. Instead of blowing up the studio, such hack attacks are doing equal damage by inflicting malicious software that destroys a company’s operations, while stealing data and private information. [more...]

Falling Oil = Increased Spending, Not Exactly

I am struggling with a concept being espoused by economists, central bankers, politicians, mainstream media and even the majority of talk show hosts: the idea that falling gas prices will put more money in consumers' pockets. For every $10 drop in oil GDP increases by 1/10th of a percent. Let's start with the concept of more money in one's pocket. Example: I have a 20 gallon tank and decide to fill up at $4 per gallon. I carry $80 in cash in my pocket and after I revive from the shock, all $80 has been passed to the service station attendant leaving me with zero. It is all a zero sum game which takes away from one to give to another. [more...]

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