Tuesday, December 23, 2014

12-23-14 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Julian Kulski: "Torture" is What the Gestapo Did in WWII
2. Wayne Allyn Root: The Illegal Immigration Story Obama Doesn't Want You to Hear
3. James Hirsen: The Obama-Sony Blame Game
4. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: The Beginning of The End for Kim Jong-un’s Crimes Against Humanity
5. Bill Tatro: Sony Hacked... Really?

"Torture" is What the Gestapo Did in WWII

The media is full of Senator Dianne Feinstein’s report on "enhanced interrogation tactics" used by the CIA after 9/11, in particular waterboarding, which the Senator has defined as "torture." Please! Torture is what the Gestapo did in World War II. I should know. During the war, I was recruited into the Polish resistance at age 12. When I was 14, I was arrested by the Gestapo. Throughout the war, the Germans who invaded and occupied my native Poland routinely tortured not only those who fought against them physically but anyone they believed to be their enemy - including women and children. [more...]

The Illegal Immigration Story Obama Doesn't Want You to Hear

No country in history has survived with open borders. A welfare state (like today's America under Obama) that allows in millions of poor, desperate, uneducated illegal immigrants with open hands and open mouths, looking for cradle-to-grave welfare, can never survive. Obama won't tell you what illegal immigration has done to California's budget: the massive increase in the cost of police, courts and prisons. He won't mention the destruction of public schools or the massive welfare debt turning California into a bankrupt hellhole like Greece — or Detroit. He won't mention that California's taxes are now among the highest in the nation because of the costs of illegal immigration. [more...]

The Obama-Sony Blame Game

There is apparently no love lost between Sony Pictures and the Obama administration these days. The fingers of blame have been pointing back and forth, while the barbs between the studio and the president have continued to fly amid a bona fide national security crisis, which happens to have a real villain, North Korea. During his year-end news conference, Pres. Obama chided Sony, joining in with countless critics of the movie studio’s decision to cancel the release of the film "The Interview," which had been scheduled for a Christmas Day debut. Sony, however, seems to be questioning the veracity of the president's statement at the press conference. [more...]

The Beginning of The End for Kim Jong-un’s Crimes Against Humanity

Since the FBI accused North Korea as being the culprit behind the Sony hack, North Korea has vehemently denied the accusations. In fact, North Korea is now so far on the defensive that the country has refused to partake in an unprecedented UN Security Council meeting that was supposed to discuss North Korea’s domineering and overbearing control over its people’s human rights. This year more than ever has brought the communist country’s capital, Pyongyang into the spotlight. While there have always been rumors of its government’s crimes against humanity, this is the first time their supreme leader, Kim Jong-un, could end up being held accountable for the alleged crimes escaped North Koreans have been accusing both their current ruler, as well as his predecessors of doing to their country’s people for years. There is a high probability that the dire situation in the half-starved nation of North Korea will be brought to the International Criminal Court - a court reserved for the darkest acts against humanity. [more...]

Sony Hacked... Really?

The Sony hacking raises many unanswered questions for me. First of all, why do so many Hollywood "stars" continue to come to the defense against the attack on American corporations? This leads U.S. politicians to follow suit by stating "our companies will not be bullied." This is admirable on both parts but it can be considered self-serving for the silver screen types when their livelihoods get cancelled and Washingtonians are looking for their own twenty minutes of fame on the Sunday morning talk shows. [more...]

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