Tuesday, December 2, 2014

12-2-14 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Amnesty and Obamacare - A Dangerous Pair
2. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Will Censorship Replace Internet Freedom in 2015?
3. James Hirsen: Sony Investigates Possible North Korean Involvement in Cyber Attack
4. Bill Tatro: Next Up - WWIII?
5. Joe Messina: The Equality Hypocrites

Amnesty and Obamacare - A Dangerous Pair

Amnesty is not and never was about having compassion for Hispanics, despite Obama’s ongoing defense over his executive action. It’s actually about creating a more permanent lower class of uneducated and impoverished people who will vote in the political favor of its creators blindly for generations to come. Why? Well, there is a big, gaping loophole in the Affordable Care Act: President Obama’s decision to grant temporary amnesty lasting 3 years to about 5 million (now legal) immigrants makes them legally eligible for work permits, and yet ineligible for public benefits, such as Obamacare. Under this policy, business owners are required by federal law to provide their employees with health coverage. Those who do not will be fined by the government, but since the 5 million newly legal immigrants are not allowed to have Obamacare, employers who hire them will not have to pay the $3,000 penalty for not providing health coverage. [more...]

Will Censorship Replace Internet Freedom in 2015?

There is a real threat that censorship will replace Internet freedom in 2015.  According to several new articles, we learn the administration has decided to give up control of the Internet in September 2015.  Is it possible that foreign governments, authoritative governments, will be able to censor American Web sites as well as their own Web sites?  Will Americans lose their freedom of speech on the Internet?  Is the First Amendment about to be further damaged and eroded?  How can this happen?  What can be done to prevent it? For more information on how America is losing freedom and how we can get it back, please read my new book: Renewing America and Its Heritage of Freedom: What Freedom-Loving American Can Do to Help. [more...]

Sony Investigates Possible North Korean Involvement in Cyber Attack

Major Hollywood powerhouse Sony Pictures is involved in an ongoing investigation of a recent hack attack, which knocked out the studio's network and resulted in all of its employees' computer monitors being able to only display an image of a glowing red skeleton along with some vague demands. This may not have been an ordinary cyber onslaught. Sources told the tech site Re/code that Sony executives are looking into whether the attack is somehow connected to the government of North Korea via operatives in China. [more...]

Next Up - WWIII?

Obama has cut a deal with Turkey's Erdogan to set up a no-fly zone over Syria, ostensibly to protect civilians.  The additional potential of utilizing Turkish airbases will help to create more U.S. "heroes." Contrary to popular belief, Japan did not bomb Pearl Harbor in order to invade California and set up a series of Benihanas. The Land of the Rising Sun was a militaristic dominated country. However, they were sorely lacking in natural resources, thus their expansionist policies of the '30s and direct confrontation with the Western powers. Our President has never backed up a so-called line in the sand; however, with Turkey as part of the enforcement for the no-fly zone, it is not difficult to believe that it is only a matter of time before a Russian soldier becomes a "hero." [more...]

The Equality Hypocrites

This president has now given illegals - yes, the people who came here by breaking the law - a leg up over hard-working, tax-paying Americans. One of the first in-your-face insults was him pushing states to give in-state tuition to illegals. These people are here illegally, breaking the law and not paying taxes. It just shows his disdain for the American way of life. Veterans can't even get the same privileges. They have to live in a state for the state's designated residency period before they are considered a resident who qualifies for in-state tuition. Maybe they should renounce their citizenship and run up from south of the border into the arms of California Governor Jerry Brown who recently told all illegals (and anyone thinking about coming to America illegally) to come to California, that they are welcome here! The Constitution guarantees equal access to succeed, not a guarantee for equal success. [more...]

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