Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Here’s Where We Should Tell Obama to Send All the Syrian Refugees

By Wayne Allyn Root

We cannot allow any Syrian refugees into the United States; 98 out of every 100 may be nice people, but we already know for a fact that many Muslims from war zones are not so nice. Ask the people of France. I propose turning Hawaii into a modern day Ellis Island. Send all the Syrian refugees to Hawaii - every single one of them. Hawaii is Obama’s home turf. He claims it as his place of birth. He went to school there. He is planning to retire there after his presidency. Hawaiians are his people. They vote almost exclusively Democrat. They love and adore Obama and his ultra-liberal policies. So this is the perfect test case. Let’s send every Syrian and Middle East refugee to Hawaii. It can be the new Ellis Island. If Democrats love diversity so much, let’s see what the loyal Democrats of Hawaii think about this idea. [more...]

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