Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Obama Wants Us to Sign a Neutrality Agreement

In previous Devil at Our Doorstep blogs, the connection between the communist SEIU and President Obama and their desire to destroy America and turn it into a socialistic totalitarian dictatorship have been presented.

President Obama's actions since the 2014 Midterm Elections support this position. The President is utilizing the SEIU's "Persuasion of Power" by incorporating its Death by a Thousand Cuts corporate campaign strategy to fundamentally transform America, just as he promised within five days of taking the oath of office. In essence, he is acting to force Americans and their representatives in Congress to sign a Neutrality Agreement and impose Card Check on America.

Card Check is a concept used by big labor to eliminate peoples' choice when voting for union representation and ultimately disenfranchises them from their employers, free choice and the free market. President Obama, trained by the SEIU is attempting to force Americans to agree to the same process with respect to government in order to achieve his agenda, and that of his controllers, to destroy the American republic/free enterprise system and replace it with socialistic totalitarianism. [more...]

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