Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Reason Obama has it Out for Netanyahu May Be More Terrifying than You Thought Possible

Today a modern Paul Revere arrived in Washington, D.C., to warn us that the terrorists are coming to cities we call home. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu knows this from hard experience as a battle-wounded commando; brother of commando Yonatan killed rescuing skyjacked Israelis in Entebbe, Uganda; and leader of an American ally that faces incessant terrorist attacks.

What prompted Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech before Congress is that Iran – whose theocratic Islamist rulers believe they could trigger an apocalyptic war that brings the cosmic world triumph of Islam – may be within months of producing its first atomic bomb.

Our President, Barack Hussein Obama, has different concerns. He is obsessed with confiscating the guns of law-abiding Americans, yet seems unwilling to lift a finger to prevent Iran’s fanatical rulers from obtaining A-bombs. He reneged on America’s agreement with Poland to establish an anti-missile system there to reduce Iran’s ICBM threat to Europe and the U.S. Mr. Obama was eager to give F-15 jets to the Islamist Egyptian Brotherhood government that toppled our and Israel’s long-time ally Hosni Mubarak in Cairo, but withdrew this offer the instant pro-American, anti-Islamist Egyptian military leaders toppled ruling Brotherhood Islamist radicals.

Mr. Obama has called Iranian nuclear weapons unacceptable, but he has never pledged to use "assertive disarmament" if Iran acquires such weapons. If he is serious, why is this not the declared, unchangeable American position in any negotiation with an Iran that claims to have no A-bomb ambitions? [more...]

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