Tuesday, May 19, 2015

5-19-15 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Dave Bego: Union Hypocrisy
2. Gerard Lameiro: What Does a Presidential Candidate Need to Be Nominated?
3. James Hirsen: Savvy Marketing Helps 'Pitch Perfect 2' Drown Out 'Mad Max'
4. Dr. Elaina George: Healthcare Policy - Facts vs. Fiction
5. Joe Messina: The Latest in the PC War of Words
6. Lowell Ponte: Our "Flash Crash" Economy

Union Hypocrisy

It is truly unfortunate that labor unions, once a true force for protecting employee rights have become nothing more than gasping dinosaurs, bent on avoiding extinction at the cost of the very members they are supposed to protect. The preponderance of this dilemma is big labor bosses' objective of increasing membership growth to pad their own pockets and press their political agendas. This is not based on social justice as they would attempt to have you believe, but rather the fundamental transformation of the United States of America to a socialistic/communist country. In fact, big labor hypocrisy has once again been brought to light on several fronts this past week, and is simply continuing the philosophy of "do as I say and not as I do." [more...]

What Does a Presidential Candidate Need to Be Nominated?

First, a potential presidential candidate must stand on a rock solid set of conservative principles that deal with voters' global insecurity - for example, such global issues as foreign policy, military strength, national security, protection of our borders, illegal immigration, and protection from such threats as ISIS and EMP attacks against America. Those conservative principles need to also address America's economic insecurity, economic problems and stagnation – for example, progressive policies that hurt job creation and create economic uncertainty such as the Obamacare fiasco.  A potential presidential candidate must deal directly with protecting our freedom, protecting the Constitution, following the Rule of Law, eliminating lawlessness in many places in America, and permitting freedom of religion that voters used to assume as a given. [Go here for a complete analysis...]

Savvy Marketing Helps 'Pitch Perfect 2' Drown Out 'Mad Max'

This weekend's box-office results sent shock waves through Tinseltown, with "Pitch Perfect 2" bringing in an unexpected $70 million+ in ticket sales. Not only did the a cappella face-off film eclipse the big budget action movie "Mad Max: Fury Road," it also became the first film to unseat the superhero blockbuster "Avengers: Age of Ultron." "Pitch Perfect 2" made record-breaking news as well for having the largest take for a cinematic musical opening and the biggest debut weekend for a first-time feature film director, in this instance, Elizabeth Banks. [more...]

Healthcare Policy - Facts vs. Fiction

The recent New York Times opinion piece penned by Paul Krugman exemplifies what the problem is with political discourse in our country. Under the guise of pointing out the effects of a polarized political environment that uses intellectual dishonesty by those who disagree with their point of view, he exposes himself to be like the very same people that he mocks and belittles. The "policy success" of Obamacare that he paints flies in the face of reality, and anyone who is not a practicing physician cannot truly understand how policy affects the practice of medicine and the delivery of healthcare. Patients are finding out what practicing physicians have known all along – that having health insurance does not equal access to quality healthcare. From the beginning the proponents of The Affordable Care Act used the argument that having health insurance equaled access to healthcare. However, the existence of The Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA) passed by Congress in 1986 guaranteed that anyone who needed emergency medical care whether they were a U.S. citizen or not would receive it despite their ability to pay. [more...]

The Latest in the PC War of Words

The word "microaggression" has cropped up with increased frequency over the last year to the point that now I see it almost daily. What does it mean? Webster's says it has "no meaning." It's not a word. It doesn't exist. Various blogs, papers, and online sources provide a definition, but they're not "official" dictionaries. Based on my research, I've concluded that microaggression is defined as: A made-up word used to try to intimidate those who are too concerned about political correctness. It is aimed at non-issues that ultimately hurt no one but a few overly sensitive "humans" to create a distraction away from the real issues.  [more...]

Our "Flash Crash" Economy

On May 6, 2010, the New York Stock Exchange suffered what came to be called the "Flash Crash," when the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted unexpectedly by nearly 1,000 points in only minutes. A single Sell order valued at approximately $4.1 billion purportedly set off a cascade of computerized buy-and-sell programs around the world that are designed to respond immediately, and without consulting human beings, to key changes in market prices. As each major trading computer reacted, it could have triggered programmed reactions in similar computers. Some want to believe that enough circuit breakers have been added to stock trading to prevent an economy-shattering crash like the one that cost traders more than a trillion dollars in only a few minutes five years ago. But a violent sell-off in stocks on February 29, 2012 was in its own way even more frightening – because evidence suggests that it was driven by a powerful intelligence that was not human. [more...]

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