Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Clooney's Preachy "Tomorrowland" Tanks at the Box Office

Despite the fact that Disney's latest film "Tomorrowland" cost $190 million to make, was cleverly marketed, had a coveted Memorial Day weekend release date, and counts among its cast members major A-lister George Clooney, the environmentally correct movie has turned out to be a debut dud.

Falling far short of its Hollywood expectations, the film managed to garner only $33 million in its three-day opening and disappointedly took in a lower than expected $40 million over the four-day holiday span, barely edging out "Pitch Perfect 2" in its second high-note week. "Tomorrowland" received a below par "B" rating from CinemaScore. Now Disney finds itself in the position of having to rely on robust international receipts to recoup its massive investment. [more...]

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