Wednesday, November 11, 2015

11-11-15 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Karen Leland: Lessons from the Republican Presidential Debates
2. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: U.S. Economy Finally on Solid Ground
3. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Republican Presidential Candidates vs. Mainstream Media
4. Joe Messina: California Tops the List With the 20 Worst Small Cities Nationwide
5. “Coach” Ron Tunick: PC is Truly Ruining our Country

6. Dave Bego: SEIU Disrespects Veterans Day with Fight for Fifteen Protests

Lessons from the Republican Presidential Debates
By Karen Leland

Watching the Republican presidential debate, I took note of how the candidates’ personal brands played out. While Donald Trump may be the current Republican frontrunner, a recent likability poll from McClatchy-Marist reported that 49% of Republicans said that the more they hear Trump, the less they like him. By contrast, in that same poll, 58% of Republicans surveyed said the more they hear Marco Rubio, the more they like him. The lesson here? A personal brand is not made (or broken) by one meeting, one interview, one action or one debate. If the presidential candidates don’t know that already, they’re about to find out. [more...]

U.S. Economy Finally on Solid Ground
By Michelle Seiler-Tucker

Friday was a good day for the U.S. dollar. Jumping to a seven month high, the greenback enjoyed a notable increase in value thanks to new job data. The job report indicated unemployment is now at 5%, the lowest economically viable rate. The U.S. has not seen such data since April of 2008, suggesting America is finally finding solid ground. For much of the year now, monetary policy conversation has swirled around a possible interest rate hike by the Fed. No one is certain of a rate increase in December, but the futures market indicates a 75% chance, while financial experts range from skeptical to near certain. I wrote earlier in the year that America should wait on the Fed rate, and the country was not yet on sure footing. New job data, especially in the face of global economic conditions, suggest we might finally be back on track. [more...]

Republican Presidential Candidates vs. Mainstream Media
By Dr. Gerard Lameiro

Last night’s debates on FBN came in sharp contrast to the CNBC debates in that the moderators merely moderated and didn’t allow an intrusive agenda to detract from the real issues. A recent Politico article about Ben Carson opened up the issue again, which Carson more than addressed last night. CNN’s attacks on Carson, the Republican presidential debate hosted by CNBC and their relentless attack questions fueled the issue.  The reality is that the mainstream media makes no pretense of being objective journalists anymore; they are obvious partisans with a definite agenda who shamelessly attack the Republican presidential candidates.  Of course, progressive and socialist candidates essentially get a free ride with softball questions. [Go here for a complete analysis...]

California Tops the List With the 20 Worst Small Cities Nationwide
By Joe Messina

Governor Jerry Brown doesn’t seem to be the least bit concerned by the 9,000 companies who have left California over the last 7 years; so there’s little wonder as to why California tops the list of least desirable cities. But it isn’t just ONE city. California has the 20 worst small cities. With jobs leaving the state in droves, and a legislature more concerned with a tiny, insignificant fish than making sure that citizens have access to water, granting illegal immigrants sanctuary and benefits that citizens don’t get, it’s no wonder that businesses (and people) are leaving. [more...]

PC is Truly Ruining our Country
By "Coach" Ron Tunick

Starbucks and Target are so PC; they do not care about our holidays and traditions. These large companies do not want to offend the non-religious, non-patriot, non-citizen and of course anyone who might complain about America. Who cares about us? The people who fly our flag and who love our holidays. These big conglomerates complain about Easter, Christmas, and our greetings to each other. “Merry Christmas” might hurt whose feelings? What the hell has happened to our great country? Once again, the press takes the side of everyone who does not like the color of our flag. This is the United States of America where we will celebrate our holidays and respect yours. [more...]

SEIU Disrespects Veterans Day with Fight for Fifteen Protests
By Dave Bego

Ironically or not, one day before Veterans Day, the SEIU continued its hypocritical “Fight for Fifteen” with protests in 270 cities across the country. It appears these protests were being held the day before Veterans Day most likely to gain exposure for the SEIU’s and the President’s agenda to divide America. It will be interesting to see President Obama’s comments about “Fight for Fifteen’ versus honoring our veterans. In truth, the “Fight for Fifteen” demonstrations are all about perception and not about honesty and reality. This is no more than another opportunity to prey upon the naivete of Americans. It is evident the big labor bosses and the President really do not care about America or the people they are pretending to help, but only about their own socialistic/communistic agenda at the expense of our great veterans. [more...]

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