Wednesday, November 18, 2015

11-18-15 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Lowell Ponte: Baltimore Braces for Trials by Fire
2. Karen Leland: Lessons from the Democratic Presidential Debates
3. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Were the Paris Attacks a Botched Assassination Attempt?
4. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: France at War
5. Joe Messina: ISIS is “Contained”... in Paris
6. “Coach” Ron Tunick: Syrian Refugees Coming to America - A Bad Choice

Baltimore Braces for Trials by Fire
By Lowell Ponte

We remember news images of the Baltimore riots in April 2015: Police retreating from a mob that was hurling stones at them; a city councilman chatting with reporters while only feet away a mob of looters was robbing a liquor store; a CVS Pharmacy erupting in smoke and flame, one of 27 such stores that gangs raided for drugs while the riots hamstrung police. Those riots – which injured 200 police, damaged 350 businesses, and set fire to 150 vehicles and 60 structures – were sparked by allegations that six Baltimore police officers had caused fatal spinal injuries to Freddie Gray, a small-time drug dealer in this city where nearly one resident in 10 uses heroin. On November 30, the first of these police officers goes on trial, with the rest to follow. [more...]

Lessons from the Democratic Presidential Debates
By Karen Leland

Shortly after Bill Clinton was elected president, I met two women at a party who had been college school chums of then Hillary Rodham. They were keen to tell me how even then, Clinton’s friends would say, “She will be the first woman president someday.” Her brand was solidly in place even at University, and she has not stopped since. In a post-debate CNN focus group, when asked which candidate they thought had the experience to deal with the current security issues facing the U.S., all hands went up for Clinton. Love her or hate her, Mrs. Clinton has built her personal brand consistently — for decades. Through thick and thin, up and down, she has kept her attention on her goal, pivoted where necessary and kept her personal branding in alignment. [more...]

Were the Paris Attacks a Botched Assassination Attempt?
By Dr. Gerard Lameiro

It has been suggested that the attacks in Paris were not just a terrorist attack against helpless citizens, but a coordinated attack meant to assassinate French President Hollande.  All together there were about six locations for the attacks that took place in about a 30-minute period.  It’s possible some of these attacks were meant to be distractions and diversions to potentially throw President Hollande’s security force off guard.  Remember that President Hollande was in attendance at Stade de France, the first location to be hit.  Were these attacks a botched assassination attempt?  Has ISIS changed its strategy?  Is ISIS growing more powerful?  Will Obama change America’s strategy toward ISIS?  What would the Republican candidates do differently, if elected president? [Go here for a complete analysis...]

France at War
By Michelle Seiler-Tucker

France has stepped up its battle against terrorism with the raids and arrests of some of the terrorists last night. War is tragic, but the world must do something against ISIS and its affiliates. Our current pace in the East is not enough to put down this radical terrorist group. The attack in France, plus the recent attacks in Beirut and Kenya, which each took well over a hundred lives, may be enough to push the West into taking more decisive action. I am not advocating violence, but we need to change, and sadly, that change and that peace may come at the price of war. [more...]

ISIS is “Contained”... in Paris
By Joe Messina

President Obama gives a whole new meaning to “altered reality.” The French President called it the first year President Obama was in office. After they met, he alluded to the fact that Mr. Obama may have some real character flaws. His actions protecting America (or not) throughout his terms in office have proved his grasp on reality is almost nonexistent. Mr. Obama is not interested in protecting Americans. His daily actions prove it. Let’s just deal with the recent events, with the understanding that they are not so recent. Remember these bombings, these killings, are planned out; it takes time. This wasn’t a sleeper cell or a rogue group. This was a coordinated, planned attack. [more...]

Syrian Refugees Coming to America - A Bad Choice
By "Coach" Ron Tunick

How do our leaders think that bringing thousands of Syrian refugees into the U.S. could be of any benefit to our country? It will create homeland security, economic and safety issues. When will we take care of our own people first? How can our leaders put us in this position when we cannot even take care of our own helpless, homeless and the poor? These Americans currently struggling in the streets of our cities need our help in so many ways. Our social infrastructure is at a breaking point now. Go to any emergency room and see how long your wait is to see a doctor. Our leaders seem to care less about what we want and need. How could our leaders have such a lack of caring for American citizens and our issues? [more...]

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