Wednesday, November 30, 2016

12-1-16 Excellent Guest for Your Show

1. Citizen Kelly: Billionaire Behind NYC Trump Sign Removals Tied to Illinois Gov. Rauner
2. Wayne Allyn Root: Trump’s Cabinet & Mitt
3. Daniel Greenfield: Diversity Officer Says Ohio Jihadist Deserves Sympathy
4. Crista Huff: Ridiculing the White Working Class Voter
5. Michael Stumo: The Working Class Election

Billionaire Behind NYC Trump Sign Removals Tied to Illinois Gov. Rauner

Should Trump supporters forgive ‘Never Trump’ Republicans? Citizen Kelly says NO. Billionaire real estate developer Sam Zell isn’t the only one trying to cover his political tracks since November 8. Governors Mitt Romney and Nikki Haley have “come to Jesus” since Trump’s election and more ‘Never Trump’ stalwarts are scurrying about motivated by the carrot of plum appointments. But can they be trusted? Trump loyalists say NO. Regardless of the PR spin, supporters of Donald Trump have cause for concern. Find out why by reading Citizen Kelly's latest column at Daily Caller. [more...]

Trump’s Cabinet & Mitt

I think the president-elect’s picks are fantastic. All of his national security picks understand we are at war with radical Islam. They aren’t afraid of identifying our attackers as “Islamic terrorists.” They won’t mislabel “Islamic terror attacks” as “workplace violence” or cite some other excuse. They couldn’t care less about political correctness. They understand their job isn’t to be sensitive to the feelings of our enemies. Their only job is to protect Americans... period. Mitt Romney is no doubt highly qualified, but the most important trait in life is loyalty. Mitt was disloyal. I have no problem with Trump adding a few talented rivals to his team, maybe even one Democrat, but not Mitt. [more...]

Diversity Officer Says Ohio Jihadist Deserves Sympathy

Even before Abdul tried to kill a bunch of non-Muslims for the crime of being non-Muslim with a car and butcher knife, the OSU Lantern helped paint him as a victim, suffering imaginary fears over Muslim stereotyped as terrorists. Afterward, the diversity officer defended him and used the hashtags #SayHisName, usually referring to Black Lives Matter protests on behalf of criminals shot by police officers, and the BLM base hashtag. Nothing says unity like the name of a racist hate group and defending an Islamic terrorist. [more...]

Ridiculing the White Working Class Voter

I’ve been shocked to see liberals on Twitter aggressively ridiculing the “white working class voter.” Is this about the Twitter libs being bigoted against white people, or about them expressing class superiority, or about them hating Republicans and/or people who voted for President-elect Trump? Were the libs previously embracing white working class voters because they needed their votes, and now they’re revealing their true colors? No matter how you slice and dice it, it’s extremely bigoted behavior. [more...]

The Working Class Election

While identity politics was a big part of the media's election narrative, those issues did not actually drive voters' election choices. Instead, exit polls showed they voted on the basis of the economy, not identity. There are still competing narratives about how the election was won. Some say racists prevailed to elevate an authoritarian bigot to the Oval Office. While some may have voted that way, it is an electoral sub-plot which is not explanatory. Others, those who are correct, say this was a working class populist election. The evidence shows that, when comparing to 2012, identity politics was not much of a factor. The Clinton campaign's reliance on that theme was a big problem. [more...]

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