Monday, November 21, 2016

11-22-16 Fascinating Guests for Your Show

1. Citizen Kelly: Time for Trump to Defund the ‘Hamilton’ Left
2. Wayne Allyn Root: Trump for Israel
3. James Hirsen: MSM Using Fake News to Censor Conservative Views
4. Joe Messina: The Dems Still Think They’re in Charge
5. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: The Justice Dept. Fights to Contain Healthcare
6. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Is Trump’s Transition off to a Great Start?
7. Daniel Greenfield: AG Sessions - Civil Rights Hero

Time for Trump to Defund the ‘Hamilton’ Left

‘Hamilton’ actor Brandon Victor Dixon exposed the elitist cultural divide when he treated Vice President-elect Mike Pence to an on-stage scolding that some have called “bullying.” To Dixon, Pence’s simple act of attending a Broadway show was an act of criminal trespass. Pence is a foreigner, an outsider. He didn’t belong there, or so the progressives believe, and he isn’t the only one. In today’s America, working class Americans don’t visit “the theater” and I would bet most have never even been to a Broadway show. That is a luxury that they can’t afford. The ‘Hamilton’ actors live in a different world – a privileged world – where they can afford to be insufferably self-consumed. It is this privileged class that is, even now, fighting to keep a tax provision that allows live-theater backers deductions in a show’s first year. Sen. Chuck Schumer is the architect of the Broadway’s tax break. Who pays for Broadway’s tax write-off? Middle-class taxpayers. Brandon Dixon apparently didn’t get the memo. [more...]

Trump for Israel

President-elect Trump could be the most pro-Israel president in history. He will always stand with the Jews of Israel. How strong are Trump’s bonds to Israel? He was the Grand Marshal of the annual “Salute to Israel” parade. The Jewish National Fund awarded Donald the “Tree of Life” award for his lifetime of support for the Jewish people and the state of Israel. Jewish Week found that he has given generously for many years to Jewish charities. A professor of “American Jewish History” calls Trump’s charitable giving to Jewish causes “impressive” and clearly out of the ordinary for a non-Jew. [more...]

MSM Using Fake News to Censor Conservative Views

After telling the public for over a year that the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States was not going to materialize, the mainstream media have now turned their collective attention toward something they have characterized as “fake news.” The phrase, however, is a fake itself, and its deliberate use manipulative in nature. The mainstream media are out to cleanse social media of sites that pose obstacles to a uniform way of thinking; that being a left-leaning ideology. [more...]

The Dems Still Think They’re in Charge

According to the Left, ALL the key appointments President Elect Donald Trump has announced so far are terrible for the country. Mind you, these same people said Trump could never win; he wasn’t a serious player. My advice to you: don’t let them pick your lottery tickets. To the Dems, just a reminder: You lost! Your direction, ideals and your ideology LOST. Your own people, union-working, life-long Democrats rejected your governing style and foundation. To sum it up: your opinion on this matter doesn’t count. [more...]

The Justice Dept. Fights to Contain Healthcare

The biggest proposed merger in the health insurance industry faces its opposition this week in court. More than a year ago, Anthem Inc. and Cigna Corp. entered an agreement to merge their companies. Under the agreement, Anthem shareholders would own 2/3 of the combined company while Cigna shareholders would own 1/3. On Monday, the U.S. government goes to court with the two insurance companies to block the $48 billion transaction. The Justice Department argues that the proposed merger would reduce competition in the health insurance industry and raise costs for consumers. [more...]

Is Trump’s Transition off to a Great Start?

If you listen to the Old Mainstream Media (OMSM), you might not realize that Trump’s transition is off to a phenomenal start. The reality is that Trump’s transition team is firing on all cylinders. Trump is reaching out not only to his close supporters that helped him to win the election, but also to his harshest critics like Mitt Romney. Trump is communicating across the board, even to the Old Mainstream Media, according to news reports. [more...]

AG Sessions - Civil Rights Hero

Leftist racists shamefully smear a public servant who has steadfastly fought for civil rights - and against racist abuses

The last lynching in the U.S. began when Michael Donald, a 19-year-old African-American man, was kidnapped by two Klansmen. They forced him into the car at gunpoint, beat him, tied a rope around his neck, cut his throat three times and left him hanging from a tree on Herndon Street in Mobile, Alabama. The search for justice ended two years later when U.S. Attorney Jeff Sessions announced that the killers had been arrested. Local authorities had botched the case badly. But Sessions was determined to see that justice would be done. Federal and State resources were combined for a successful outcome. The case brought an end to lynching culture and broke the KKK. But the man whose office investigated the case, who helped send one of the killers to the electric chair, would be smeared as a racist despite his history of fighting for civil rights and against racist abuses in dozens of court cases. [more...]

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