Monday, July 18, 2016

7-19-16 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Wayne Allyn Root: It’s Time for a Law Enforcement Contract with America
2. Joe Messina: Black, White & Blue!
3. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: The RNC - Building a Landslide Victory
4. James Hirsen: Hollywood Goes to the Convention
5. Joseph Klein: Erdogan Retains Power - Stronger Than Ever
6. Daniel Greenfield:  How the Media Covers Up Muslim and #BlackLivesMatter Terrorism

It’s Time for a Law Enforcement Contract with America

Don’t “Blue Lives Matter?” How many more cops have to die before politicians and the people unite and announce their full support for the police? We’re not talking about half-measures or weak support. We’re not talking about meaningless words, but rather strong, meaningful actions. Back in the 1980s, the Newt Gingrich-led GOP created a "Contract with America." It swept the GOP into power. Contracts are effective forms of communication. So we believe this is the perfect time for a new kind of contract with America - one that puts the full force of government behind “the thin blue line.” This is a contract every politician in America should be willing to sign... and if they won’t sign, they have lost their way - and lost their mandate to lead. [more...]

Black, White & Blue!

There are almost one million law enforcement officials in this country. At any given point in time, there are almost 600,000 on the streets of America. If what the Left, Texas U.S. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee types have said is true, that “Black boys are hunted down and killed like animals,” then where is all the carnage? All those white, Bible-thumping, conservative, Republican haters who own guns would be out hunting black kids for sport, right? Sound crazy? Because it is! [more...]

The RNC - Building a Landslide Victory

The dominant issue of peace (global terrorism, illegal immigration, law and order) will likely give the election to Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.  In addition, the two subordinate issues of prosperity and personality will add to Trump’s electoral success. Voter momentum and voter intensity are moving toward a landslide election in November.  Solid blue states appear to be in play this year - something many would have deemed impossible 12 months ago. As I discuss in detail in my book Great News for America, I predict a new conservative era in America starting with this presidential election. [Go here for a complete analysis...]

Hollywood Goes to the Convention

Like the great Ronald Reagan before him, Donald Trump appears to possess superb Hollywood instincts. With his understanding of how politics and entertainment are a perfect match, Trump has systematically rewritten every campaign playbook out there. Now the GOP presidential nominee is set to host a party that is likely to forever alter political conventions to come. A hint that the public is in store for something really different begins with the convention’s line-up of speakers. [more...]

Erdogan Retains Power - Stronger Than Ever

An attempted military coup to overthrow the autocratic Islamist regime of Turkish President Recep Erdogan was soundly defeated.  A combination of mass street protests by Erdogan supporters and pushback by military and police forces loyal to his regime caused the coup to collapse in less than 24 hours from when it started. Erdogan’s regime also received unequivocal backing from President Obama and his senior officials, as “the democratically-elected, civilian Government of Turkey." This, despite the Islamist regime’s repressive policies targeting political opponents and journalists with brute force or imprisonment and his backing of jihadists fighting in Syria and elsewhere. [more...]

How the Media Covers Up Muslim and #BlackLivesMatter Terrorism

No sooner are the bloodstains and bits of human flesh hosed off the concrete from the latest Muslim or #BlackLivesMatter terrorist attack and the grieving families ushered through the cold metal doors of impersonal morgues to identify the bodies of their loved ones that the vultures of the media rise above a wounded city and begin spinning the same old lies. The propaganda, the artful selection and deselection of facts, have become as familiar to us as they were to any of the residents of the Soviet Union or North Korea. Anyone who pays attention knows not only that they are being lied to, but can easily predict the lies that they will be told on the evening news even before they actually hear them being spoken out loud. [more...]

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