Tuesday, July 5, 2016

FBI - Hillary Lied and Illegally Sent Classified E-mails, But We Won’t do a Thing About It

Is anyone seriously surprised? Yes, all sorts of people might have gone down for this. But the idea that government, in its current state, would hold a presidential candidate from the government party accountable for anything less than choking a nun to death in broad daylight while cackling evilly was always a pipe dream.

Hillary Clinton has a vast and influential network at her disposal. And the current administration backs her to the hilt. Furthermore, Lynch, no doubt made it clear to the FBI that no charges would be pursued no matter what. And that made the outcome inevitable. The FBI investigation provides plenty of ammunition for the election. It makes it crystal clear that Hillary Clinton lied about not sending classified e-mails. But it also states that it isn't going to do a thing about it. [more...]

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