Monday, July 25, 2016

More Headaches for Hillary

By James Hirsen

The pressure is on big-time this week for Hillary Clinton and all of her political, media and special interest cohorts. As the Democratic National Committee readies itself to lower its opening gavel at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, WikiLeaks, the controversial organization that routinely publishes tidbits of previously undisclosed information, is priming the anti-establishment pump.

Interestingly, while party officials, public speakers and event planners were working overtime, WikiLeaks was living up to its name. Just last Friday, the group let 20,000 e-mails dribble out. The digital communications purportedly had DNC origins. The e-mails seem to indicate that in its electoral primary process, the DNC favored Clinton over opponent Bernie Sanders to ultimately become its 2016 presidential nominee. The content of messages suggests that Clinton supporters in the DNC infiltrated Sanders’s campaign.

Additionally, a portion of the e-mail contents contains a message from a DNC official who was apparently seeking to create a negative narrative about the Vermont senator’s campaign, referring to it as “a mess.” Another DNC official seems to suggest that Sanders’s religious convictions might be able to be used against him in the South. And yet another message sheds light on a potential effort to intimidate and improperly influence a major arm of the media. [more...]

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