Tuesday, August 16, 2016

8-16-16 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. James Hirsen: Mainstream Media No Longer Even Faking Objectivity
2. Wayne Allyn Root: Trump Tax Return Challenge
3. Daniel R. Joseph: From Milwaukee to Iraq - Culture Counts
4. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Why is America Experiencing Riots in its Cities?
5. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Oil Still Burdens Global and Local Economy
6. Crista Huff: TPP Update

Mainstream Media No Longer Even Faking Objectivity

Journalistic ethics have been abandoned in favor of the politics of personal preference. Nowhere is this more evident than in the nasty and distorted news coverage of the presidential campaign of Republican nominee Donald Trump. In a recent interview on NewsmaxTV, Emmy award-winning investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson told host Steve Malzberg that she saw and heard an ex-news media bureau chief urge journalists to jettison their ethics and focus on bringing down Trump. During the television appearance, Attkisson recounted her attendance at an awards dinner in Washington, D.C. for a journalist group. “I was in a room of journalists in which one of them encouraged the others quite publicly to step up and do something because he said the outcome of this election was so important… He was talking about journalists stepping outside of their role to make sure Donald Trump doesn’t get elected. And he received applause for that,” Attkisson said. [more...]

Trump Tax Return Challenge

It’s time for Donald Trump to turn the tables on Hillary. It’s so obvious that Hillary and her cabal of socialists and media scam artists are going to try to make Donald Trump’s tax returns the biggest issue of the Fall. Their game plan is so easy to read - Hillary’s bribed media partners will turn up the heat on Trump like clockwork in a coordinated media blitz right after Labor Day. I have the perfect response for Donald. He should say, “I’ll release my tax returns on the spot... as soon as Hillary locates her 32,000 deleted e-mails - when she releases all Clinton Foundation records, the transcripts of her speeches to Goldman Sachs, and her authenticated medical records.” [more...]

From Milwaukee to Iraq - Culture Counts

When Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County said that absentee fathers, gangs, questionable lifestyle behaviors, and related pathologies are at the root of the recent rioting in Milwaukee, he was simply saying that culture is a critical, if not THE critical, driver of human events.  This is true, not only in America but in Iraq and Afghanistan and all points in between.  Unfortunately, it appears this is a lesson we will have to learn the hard way. [more...]

Why is America Experiencing Riots in its Cities?

Why all the riots? I believe that riots serve to distract Americans from focusing on the important issues America faces during this presidential election. I’m not suggesting that any campaign is purposely starting riots. However, some people might try to use the riots to distract from major threats of global terrorism or the anemic economy, for example. As I explain in my book on the 2016 presidential election, Great News for America, there are major political party realignments taking place during this election. Support groups that were once thought to be impervious to change are in the early process of fragmenting. Some people might try to use rioting as an attempt to hold old coalitions together for a little longer. [Go here for a complete analysis...]

Oil Still Burdens Global and Local Economy

We are half a year removed from a time when oil was at a low and stock investors cringed as asset prices moved in lockstep with crude. The spring and summer have been kind on the market though. Oil prices have risen to stable ground and major stock indexes have reached all-time highs. What’s next? For two years, global oil production has sharply outpaced demand. This supply glut drove prices lower and caused suffering for the international and domestic industries. My own backyard, Louisiana, was hit significantly hard with job cuts, business closures, and a decimated state economy. Since 2014, more than 12,000 jobs have been lost in the Louisiana oil and gas industry. Nationwide, that number has approached 200,000. [more...]

TPP Update

There has been a continued media blackout on the whereabouts of USTR Michael Froman; preliminary timeline for the TPP ratification vote in Congress; Congressional opposition to TPP grows; human rights abuses among prospective TPP partner countries; and the TTIP is floundering. [more...]

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