Tuesday, August 9, 2016

8-9-16 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Daniel R. Joseph: 400 Million More Reasons to Vote for Trump
2. Joe Messina: Clinton Media Zombies
3. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Despite the Polls, Will Trump Beat Clinton in a Landslide?
4. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Walmart Takes on Amazon
5. Michael Stumo: They Still Back TPP as Trade Deficit Jumps
6. James Hirsen: The New Blacklist
7. John LeBoutillier: Is Trump's Erratic Behavior Ruining His Chances of Winning?

400 Million More Reasons to Vote for Trump

Donald Trump may have mishandled a crying baby and a Gold Star family over the last week, but at least he didn’t deliver a crate containing 400 million in untraceable cash to the world’s largest state-sponsor of terrorism.  In the end, this might be the choice before the American people - the wrong words or the wrong policies.  The secret payment to Iran is a timely reminder that, in politics as in life, actions speak louder than words.  The more actions we see relative to Iran, the more it seems like President Obama’s Iran policy, and the nuclear deal at its center, will do anything but make the world safer for Americans (or anyone else).  That’s a theme the Trump campaign will be sure to emphasize in the months ahead. [more...]

Clinton Media Zombies

Watching the news, I notice MANY swipes at Donald Trump - for his mounting(?) scandals, failed businesses, people screwed out of money or jobs, him supposedly wanting to take away freedom of speech, or his wife who posed naked. At first, I thought they were talking about the Clintons; but when I saw no mention of e-mail scandals, the trail of dead bodies, and the many lives of women ruined, I knew it either wasn’t the Clintons or they ran out of room in the column. [more...]

Despite the Polls, Will Trump Beat Clinton in a Landslide?

The ongoing polling results are extremely volatile and probably indicate an electorate uncertain about who to vote for in the general election.  Large swings, if they are accurate, indicate that those in the electorate have not made up their minds.  If voters don’t eventually focus in on one person to become the next president, it’s possible the winner will be determined by their opponent - that is, whoever makes the biggest mistake before Election Day, or whoever has the biggest scandal or negative news revealed at the end of the campaign. Another factor that might be at work is that the underlying models upon which the polls are based are essentially inaccurate because they are not taking into account the dynamic behavior of voters in an historic and critical presidential election. [Go here for a complete analysis...]

Walmart Takes on Amazon

Competition is heating up in the world of e-commerce. Walmart announced Monday that it will be acquiring the e-commerce site Jet.com for a whopping $3.3 billion as it aggressively moves to take on Amazon’s recent dominance in the online space. Though Walmart is a leader in brick-and-mortar retail sales, online sales for the company only accounted for 3% of its total revenue last year. An acquisition like this is necessary if Walmart is ever going to challenge Amazon. [more...]

They Still Back TPP as Trade Deficit Jumps

The U.S trade deficit has gone up again and it seems everyone is turning a blind eye toward it - except Republican nominee Donald Trump. The deficit suffered an 8.7 percent jump in June and has officially reached a 10-month high of $44.5 billion, according to MarketWatch. This jump reflects an increase in the price of oil and of imported consumer goods, namely cellphones and pharmaceuticals. Despite the astronomical jumps, many establishment leaders in the Republican Party as well as President Obama are still urging Congress to pass the TPP, a deal that will almost certainly increase the deficit still further. Trump, however, has made it known the trade deficit is a serious problem for the American people, as previous administrations have focused far too heavily on international trade deals instead of on jobs at home. [more...]

The New Blacklist

In today’s Hollywood, there is apparently a price to be paid for supporting Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy. Just ask the latest celebrity who has been put on notice. Antonio Sabato Jr., who has appeared in movies, television shows, daytime dramas, and reality TV feats the likes of “The Big Hit,” “Charmed,” “The Bold and the Beautiful,” and “Dancing with the Stars,” just revealed that he has been blacklisted in Hollywood because of his backing of Trump. Sabato got the attention of the Hollywood left when he took to the stage alongside fellow celebrities Scott Baio and Willie Robertson at the Republican National Convention. [more...]

Is Trump's Erratic Behavior Ruining His Chances of Winning?

After Trump’s terrible week, where does the Presidential race now stand? Has The Donald so damaged himself that he is handing a victory to Hillary? Can he reverse this trend? Why can’t Hillary truthfully answer questions about her e-mails? Does the 400 million in cash to Iran become an issue in the campaign? This – and much more – will be discussed by the POLITICAL INSIDERS – live - on Fox News Channel this Sunday evening – at 7:30 PM ET. [more...]

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