Wednesday, August 24, 2016

8-24-16 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Daniel R. Joseph: Overreaction to Putin’s Love of Trump
2. Daniel Greenfield: Our Catastrophic Failure of Jihad Denial
3. Joe Messina: The Altered Dem Universe

Overreaction to Putin’s Love of Trump

Indications are that Vladimir Putin has a favorite candidate in the upcoming U.S. presidential election and it doesn’t appear to be Hillary Clinton.  Donald Trump’s critics are naturally convinced this is further evidence of Trump’s unworthiness for office.  Oddly, the fact that Trump is also fairly popular in China, a country he routinely criticizes in the harshest of tones, helps explain why perhaps we shouldn’t be overly concerned what Putin or anybody else overseas thinks of our election. [more...]

Our Catastrophic Failure of Jihad Denial

An outraged nation watched on September 11 as a handful of Muslim terrorists managed to kill thousands of Americans in one of the worst attacks in our history. Answers were demanded and commissions were established to investigate why we failed to prevent the attack. Why didn’t we know that it was coming? Why didn’t we do something? It’s still a good question as the number of attacks mount. But under Obama, we actually know less about Islamic terrorism than we used to. [more...]

The Altered Dem Universe

This past week, according to many reports, flooding in Louisiana is the worst natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy. As is the norm these days, the loons on the far Left and mainstream media rallied to the president’s defense: “He can’t be everywhere all the time,” “His presence would only make things worse,” “Nothing can move when he is on the ground.”  They sound like valid defenses, right? The mainstream media wouldn’t call out Hillary, Obama or any other high-ranking official if they were caught beheading Christians themselves, or if they hand carried the ransom money to Iran, or if they had video of Hillary giving the order to erase, erase, erase. [more...]

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