Wednesday, April 19, 2017

4-19-17 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: The North Korean Crisis
2. David Horowitz Banned By CNN
3. Joe Messina: SCOTUS Has Been Politicized
4. Joseph Klein: Erdogan Tightens Grip on Turkey
5. Daniel Greenfield: Free Speech Dies in Berkeley

The North Korean Crisis

Coming off a successful Tomahawk cruise missile attack on the Syrian air base, almost immediately, President Trump sent the USS Carl Vinson carrier strike group into the region. A carrier strike group typically includes about 7,500 personnel, an aircraft carrier with about 70 aircraft, a guided missile cruiser, two guided missile destroyers, and one or more supply ships. Also, tasked to the Korean peninsula was a Trident submarine capable of wielding up to 48 nuclear missiles. According to the Zero Hedge website, a South Korean news source called Yonhap indicated two other carrier strike groups are being sent to the Korean area as well. These are the USS Ronald Reagan carrier strike group whose current home port is Yokosuka, Japan and the USS Nimitz carrier strike group whose home port is Everett, Washington. [more...]

David Horowitz Banned By CNN

CNN, the most anti-Trump network on television, is censoring the #1 bestseller of the Trump presidency. CNN apparently so fears author David Horowitz and his new book Big Agenda: President Trump's Plan to Save America - they have told his publisher they will “never” have him on! That’s shocking because Horowitz is a celebrated author and thinker - and his Big Agenda book has been sitting at the top of the New York Times bestseller list for over 9 weeks. It’s also #1 on Amazon, and everyone in Washington and around the country is talking about Big Agenda. [more...]

SCOTUS Has Been Politicized

Every President I have seen nominate a Supreme Court Justice has used their political party preference as a guideline. Democrats seem to want justices to be law tweakers and givers and to treat the Constitution as a living breathing document to be tweaked and twisted to meet the Liberal ideological foundations and make the law fit their way of governing. Republicans seem to want the Constitution to be interpreted in the strictest way as the Founders intended it. Proof that the Court has been politicized for years comes with all the 5/4 rulings which usually split along party lines - proof that some of our Founding Fathers knew this would happen when they started this great experiment. [more...]

Erdogan Tightens Grip on Turkey

Turkey’s Islamist President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has engineered the path to his virtual one-man rule of Turkey. A very small majority of Turkish voters approved a controversial referendum on Sunday to amend the country’s constitution, converting the largely ceremonial post of president into a highly powerful chief executive. The amendments eliminate the post of prime minister and confer vast new powers on the president to issue decrees as law and make judicial appointments. The changes will obliterate any semblance of a democratic republic with checks and balances among independent branches of government. They will take effect with the 2019 presidential election. Erdogan is expected to run for the newly empowered presidential office, which he could hold onto for at least two terms through 2029. [more...]

Free Speech Dies in Berkeley

At one time, Berkeley was renowned as the home of the free speech movement. But those leftists who believed that free speech was an effective tactic for their cause have long since been upstaged by those who believe that dissent must be silenced by any means. The latter always existed, but their views have become dominant and mainstream. There is little opposition among liberals to their rhetoric and even their tactics. And, amazingly, there is a great deal of support. [more...]

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