Tuesday, April 25, 2017

4-25-17 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Lowell Ponte: Will French Voters Shatter the EU?
2. Wayne Allyn Root: A Wildly Successful First 100 Days
3. Jeff Ferry: Don’t Believe What They Tell You About Foreign Investment
4. Michael Stumo: Border-Adjustable Taxes, The Dollar and Alternatives
5. James Hirsen: Far-Left Hollywood Partly Responsible for Crisis in Venezuela
6. John LeBoutillier: Russia Haunts & Taunts Trump

Will French Voters Shatter the EU?

On Sunday, French voters rejected the elitists of all the ruling parties, right and left, and for the first time in generations chose two outsider candidates to contend for President in a May 7 runoff. Marine Le Pen, 48, of the nationalist, anti-European Union party the National Front, came in second; and two points ahead of her was Emmanuel Macron, 39, who has never held elective office. The media are quick to tell us that Macron is “neither left nor right” and is a “centrist” who must win against “far right” Ms. Le Pen. But Macron is the former economy minister of socialist President Francois Hollande, who wrecked the French economy and sent hundreds of thousands of the brightest young French to Great Britain and other lands seeking opportunity. Le Pen has said that her election would overthrow the “savage globalist” ruling establishment of the European Union (EU) by holding a national referendum, like Brexit, over whether to stay in the EU and use the Euro currency, through which Germany has largely conquered the rest of Europe. [more...]

A Wildly Successful First 100 Days

The same polls that oversampled Democrats to make it seem Trump would lose the election by double digits, are the same ones that now oversample Democrats to make Trump seem unpopular. I was the first and one of the only commentators to correctly predict Trump’s victory because I focused on the one historically fair and accurate poll out there - Rasmussen, which was always accurate for the 2016 presidential race. Sure enough, Rasmussen once again shows Trump’s approval rating at 50%. Don’t look now, my delusional liberal friends, but that’s enough support to win the presidential election all over again. But that’s not the poll that matters. Have you seen the poll of small business optimism? These are the men and women who take the risks, create about two-thirds of all private-sector jobs and pay most of the taxes. That poll shows small business owners love Trump. That poll jumped after Trump’s election to the highest level in almost 40 years. It’s been historically high for five straight months - since the day of Trump’s election. [more...]

Don’t Believe What They Tell You About Foreign Investment

We often hear of state and federal officials chasing after foreign investment dollars, trying to bring money into the U.S. Recently, a dozen CEOs of foreign companies met with the Trump Administration to make the case that foreign investment is an unabashed good for America. Only a few days ago, Chinese President Xi Jinping reportedly told President Trump that one solution to the huge U.S. trade deficit with China would be to allow China to buy more American companies. The basic rule is that bigger trade deficits give rise to net incoming foreign investment.  If we had a trade surplus, the U.S. would be a net investor in other countries. America should strive to be both a net exporter of goods and a net exporter of investment dollars. Unfortunately, we are a net importer of both. [more...]

Border-Adjustable Taxes, The Dollar and Alternatives

The Republican business tax reform plan, also known as the House GOP Blueprint or the Ryan-Brady plan, features a type of border-adjustable tax (BAT). Border adjustability means that different tax rates apply within and outside the U.S. It is a potentially new feature in U.S. taxation that is attracting controversy and confusion. Border-adjustability has split both the Republican Party and the business community, with some supporting it, some bitterly opposing it, and some just trying to understand what it is. [more...]

Far-Left Hollywood Partly Responsible for Crisis in Venezuela

The people of Venezuela are currently suffering through what can only be described as a full-blown humanitarian crisis, and some big-name celebrities are partly to blame for the nightmarish conditions that are plaguing the South American country. This is a country that is now being devoured by chaos. Looking back, though, liberal celebrities such as Sean Penn, Harry Belafonte, Jamie Foxx, Danny Glover, Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon, Oliver Stone, and Naomi Campbell supported Chavez while he ransacked the country, and/or they oftentimes lent their influence to assist his chosen replacement Maduro. Some of the Hollywood glitterati actually traveled to Venezuela multiple times to aid Chavez’s socialist oppression. [more...]

Russia Haunts & Taunts Trump

On the latest edition of REVOLUTION_The Podcast: The First Hundred Days are almost over and the Russian Investigation is actually accelerating. We talk about the FBI probe into possible collusion between Vladimir Putin’s forces and the Trump Campaign with Eric Geller, cybersecurity reporter for POLITICO. We ask him about Carter Page, General Mike Flynn, Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, Julian Assange – all the leaks, the FISA warrants, the infamous “Dossier” – and where this might ultimately be going. [more...]

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