Thursday, April 6, 2017

4-6-17 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Matt Walsh: Kids Expected to Know Transgender Rights and Gender Identity
2. Wayne Allyn Root: Celebrity Apprentice Versus The Biggest Loser
3. Joseph Klein: Susan Rice’s Unraveling Web of Lies
4. Daniel Greenfield: The Joys of 1/4 Black Privilege
5. David Horowitz on the New Civil War

Kids Expected to Know Transgender Rights and Gender Identity

A concerned parent sent me this. It’s the school newspaper for Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School in Falls Church, Virginia. Among the other hard hitting pieces of journalism targeted at children, ages 11-13, is an article on “transgender rights.” The article explains how Obama “improved the lives of transgender people by fighting the discrimination against them,” but all of that is now in jeopardy because of President Trump. The next article delves into the intricacies and wonders of various forms of gender identity, including “transgenderism,” “non-binary,” “bigender,” “agender,” “demigender,” “genderfluid,” and “genderflux.” Being more naive than the typical middle schooler these days, I’d never even heard of some of these. For anyone else who may be curious, here’s how the last three types of genders are explained to an audience of prepubscent kids... [more...] Get Matt’s new book “The Unholy Trinity.”

Celebrity Apprentice Versus The Biggest Loser

Politics today is like a reality television show. President Trump is “Celebrity Apprentice;” the career D.C. politicians are “the Biggest Losers.” Trump is new to Washington, D.C. and the ways of government, but he’s a quick learner and one of the most brilliant businessmen in world history. At one point, a quarter of a century ago, Trump was billions of dollars in debt to the biggest banks in the world. For all intents and purposes, Trump was bankrupt and finished. The arrogant bankers thought they had him right where they wanted him. But Trump defeated the banks - and pulled a rabbit out of a hat. He came back from death’s door. Today, he’s worth over $4 billion - with almost no debt. Houdini couldn’t have pulled off a better trick. [more...]

Susan Rice’s Unraveling Web of Lies

Fmr. President Obama’s national security adviser Susan Rice is once again in the news, embroiled in a growing scandal. Bloomberg News has reported that Rice requested or directed the unmasking of the identities of U.S. persons in raw intelligence reports who were involved with the Trump transition team. The communications of these individuals were apparently collected incidentally during the course of electronic monitoring of communications involving foreign officials of interest. Normally, Americans’ identities are masked, with generic references such as the title "U.S. Person One." According to the report, “The intelligence reports were summaries of monitored conversations - primarily between foreign officials discussing the Trump transition, but also in some cases direct contact between members of the Trump team and monitored foreign officials. One U.S. official familiar with the reports said they contained valuable political information on the Trump transition such as whom the Trump team was meeting, the views of Trump associates on foreign policy matters and plans for the incoming administration.” [more...]

The Joys of 1/4 Black Privilege

Black privilege can be a wonderful thing even in its diluted 1/4 form. You might not think that being 1/4 black gets you much privilege, but this just might change your mind. Hannah Black is angry. The 3/4 white British-German artist (who has a Jamaican grandparent somewhere in the mix) is outraged over a painting of Emmett Till at the Whitney Biennial because the artist is white... at least whiter than Black. Hannah Black, who moved from the UK to Germany, rants that the painting must be “destroyed”. Why? "Because it is not acceptable for a white person to transmute Black suffering into profit and fun.” Except if that white person can find a black ancestor somewhere. [more...]

David Horowitz on the New Civil War

Freedom Center founder David Horowitz recently sat down with Newsmax for an in-depth interview on the Left's all-out war on Donald Trump and his new best-selling book, "Big Agenda: President Trump's Plan to Save America." In the interview, Horowitz explains precisely how the leftist agendas of racial division and identity politics figure into the anti-Trump offensive. [more...]

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