Tuesday, June 20, 2017

6-20-17 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. James Hirsen: A Witch Hunt It Is
2. Jeff Ferry: Feds Should Stop Chinese Acquisition of Sole U.S. Rare Earth Mine
3. Joe Messina: The REAL Russian-Democrat Connection
4. Lowell Ponte: Gun Control for the Radical Left
5. Wayne Allyn Root: Election Influence Prevention
6. John LeBoutillier: When Will Trump Fire Mueller?

A Witch Hunt It Is

The Washington Post issued a story based on anonymous sources from unnamed government departments, which claimed the president is now being personally investigated by the special counsel’s office for obstruction of justice. However, it is not possible for a legitimate charge of obstruction of justice to be made, either legally or constitutionally. Additionally, mounting conflicts of interest involved with the special counsel investigation mandate the recusal of Rosenstein and his special counsel appointee Mueller. As sitting President of the United States, the complete and all-encompassing constitutional authority to remove Comey at the time from his position as FBI director were within the exclusive purview of the president, and the president’s motivations for so doing were, and still are, wholly immaterial. [more...]

Feds Should Stop Chinese Acquisition of Sole U.S. Rare Earth Mine

A U.S. bankruptcy court made a very bad decision on national security grounds and is calling on the federal government to force it to change its decision.  The court has decided to sell a California mine, the sole U.S. source of rare earth minerals, to a consortium including Chinese mining company Shenghe Rare Earth Shareholding Co. If the transaction goes ahead, this would turn over the unique domestic producer of these vital minerals, used in many high-tech electronics products, to a Chinese-affiliated company. China already accounts for some 90% of world production of rare earth minerals and has demonstrated its ability to prioritize its own Chinese customers with export restraints on rare earths imposed in 2009, causing anger and consternation worldwide. [more...]

The REAL Russian-Democrat Connection

The Clinton Foundation received millions of dollars from Uranium One, a company sold to the Russian government in 2010 after they got access to 20% of American uranium. No big deal? The sale needed the approval of the Clinton State Department. Yet mainstream media is going crazy over Trump companies seeing a bump in revenue from foreign companies. It seems like foreign donations to the Clintons and Democrats are OK for any reason. But earned dollars for real services offered at Trump hotels is an impeachable offense even though Trump has divested himself from many of these entities. Mrs. Clinton agreed to divulge all foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation under President Obama; but they seem to have forgotten to post the over $2 million they received from Uranium One and when pushed to do so, they refused. No outrage from Dems or mainstream media... and the list goes on... [more...]

Gun Control for the Radical Left

Radical Leftists have, of course, always been quick to use the power of the state to disarm those who might oppose them, and to create enemy lists... most recently, for example, in Venezuela. Under President Barack Obama’s anti-gun policies, the government began prohibiting guns to those merely accused, not convicted, of crimes. At the same time, the Obama Administration was supplying guns to Mexican drug gangs. It is clear that Left-wing gun control is not about guns, but about control. [more...]

Election Influence Prevention

Like Democrats, I’m very concerned about outside groups “influencing our elections.” But Russia is pretty low on my list. I’m more concerned with CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, PBS, The New York Times and Washington Post influencing our elections with their liberal bias and “fake news.” But the single most dangerous influencer of U.S. elections is Mexico, by far. Russia may hack and use social media to influence elections, but Mexico is much smarter. Mexico is not hacking our elections; they use “boots on the ground.” They are sending millions of their citizens to influence our elections - to vote, to attend rallies, to organize, to make calls, to campaign door to door. Now that’s the definition of “influencing elections.” [more...]

When Will Trump Fire Mueller?

On the latest edition of REVOLUTION_The Podcast... We examine the decision that President Trump is considering: is it better to fire Mueller now - and risk an inevitable and predictable political firestorm - or to let the investigation go ahead? As the President - and Vice President - "lawyer up" by hiring personal lawyers, so, too, Robert Mueller is reportedly creating an all-star team of experienced prosecutors. What does all this presage? Where is this Trump-Russia story headed? [more...]

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