Wednesday, June 28, 2017

6-29-17 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Daniel Greenfield: How CNN’s Fake News Machine Ran
2. Michael Stumo: Tesla, North Korea, NAFTA and Rethinking America’s Growth Strategy?
3. John LeBoutillier: Some Wins for President Trump
4. Joe Messina: Dems Healthcare Delusions

How CNN’s Fake News Machine Ran

CNN Investigates had been announced after President Trump’s inauguration. Its hit pieces had followed the same pattern as the Scaramucci attack that would be its undoing. Go after a personality tipped for a job with the new administration. CNN Investigates had previously targeted Monica Crowley and Sheriff Clarke with plagiarism accusations. But this time around, CNN’s anti-Trump unit had made a big mistake. Conspiracy theories die hard. Fake news is very profitable. But what happened at CNN should be a lesson to the rest of the industry eager to cash in on the irrational fear and loathing from the left. The two titans of anonymously sourced Trump hit pieces, the New York Times and the Washington Post, are next. [more...]

Tesla, North Korea, NAFTA and Rethinking America’s Growth Strategy?

President Trump declared that China’s efforts with North Korea have failed. Tesla, despite Elon Musk’s prior commitment to USA-made electric cars, announced that it is in talks to build a plant in Shanghai. It may be time to shift America’s China strategy away from diplomacy towards actions we can take without negotiations. After campaigning aggressively against China’s nationalistic and economic aggressiveness, the Trump Administration decided to try more standard diplomacy. North Korean missile testing was a very important backstory.  In April, China agreed to help prevent Kim Jong Un from conducting more nuclear missile testing. The Trump administration did not declare China a currency manipulator in April. [more...]

Some Wins for President Trump

On the latest edition of REVOLUTION_The Podcast... We examine the mixed news surrounding the Trump Administration: a partial victory in the Supreme Court on the travel ban and a clear win in the Georgia Special Congressional election are offset by increased desperation from the President as he feels the Mueller Investigation closing in on him. [more...]

Dems Healthcare Delusions

Democrats are talking about how bad this new healthcare plan is and are saying that 24+ million people will lose insurance. And, of course, the end of humankind as we know it will be along shortly thereafter. Democrats now blame Republicans for the coming failure of Obamacare. It seems that all the misinformation and fear mongering by Republicans has caused many insurance companies to lose millions of dollars and ultimately pull out of the program. Hold up a minute... The Affordable Care Act was a failure from day one. Some would say it’s good because now they have insurance and that makes it okay under any circumstances. Really? So, if you personally have insurance now, but 20,000 others don’t because their premiums are too high and they can only pay the penalty, are you REALLY okay with that? You don’t mind getting subsidies from the government to cover your health insurance, while those who make just over the allotted income can’t get subsidized insurance. Now they pay the penalty and get no insurance. But you’re okay with that. How “equal” of you. So much for equality. So much for helping out your fellow man. [more...]

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