Tuesday, June 6, 2017

6-7-17 National Security Guests for Your Show

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1. David Horowitz Conservative Mentor for Trump Advisers
2. Daniel Greenfield: The Treasonous Secession of Climate Confederacy States
3. Joseph Klein: Finally... The FBI Catches a Trump-Hating Top Secret Intel Leaker
4. Joel Gilbert: Islam’s Relationship with Judaism and Christianity
5. Wayne Allyn Root: Dems Still Blaming Vast Right-wing Conspiracy

David Horowitz Conservative Mentor for Trump Advisers

Who is behind the Trump administration's major policy initiatives? According to the Washington Post, it's conservative thinker David Horowitz and his David Horowitz Freedom Center. The Post over the weekend identified Horowitz and his nonprofit as having fueled a conservative ideology that has given rise to President Donald Trump and several members of his administration. Horowitz is the author of the best-selling book on the new Trump administration, "Big Agenda: President Trump's Plan to Save America." The book has been on The New York Times best-seller list for 11 weeks. [more...]

The Treasonous Secession of Climate Confederacy States

After President Trump rejected the Paris Climate treaty, which had never been ratified by the Senate, the European Union announced that it would work with a climate confederacy of secessionist states. Scotland and Norway’s environmental ministers have mentioned a focus on individual American states. And the secessionist governments of California, New York and Washington have announced that they will unilaterally and illegally enter into a foreign treaty rejected by the President of the United States. The Constitution is very clear about this. “No state shall enter into any treaty.” Governor Cuomo of New York has been equally clear. “New York State is committed to meeting the standards set forth in the Paris Accord regardless of Washington's irresponsible actions.” If the climate confederacy is not held accountable for its treason, the crisis will only grow. [more...]

Finally... The FBI Catches a Trump-Hating Top Secret Intel Leaker

Reality Winner, a/k/a Sara Winners, 25, a federal contractor from Augusta, Georgia, who is charged with illegally removing classified material from a government facility and mailing it to an online news outlet should face the reality of the maximum sentence available for her crime - 10 years in prison. There must be no opportunity for parole. "The law is very clear here. For a government employee or a contractor who has access to classified information to share it intentionally with someone who doesn't have a security clearance, including a reporter, is a crime," said CNN’s legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin. [more...]

Islam’s Relationship with Judaism and Christianity

From the inception of Islam in the 6th century, the relationship between Islam and the Jewish and Christian communities under its control was codified in Islamic law and practice. As Islam burst forth from Arabia in 600 CE, millions were conquered throughout the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and parts of Europe. The indigenous populations were given a choice of conversion to Islam or death, with one exception: the “Dhimmi.”  Dhimmi were Jews and Christians, also dubbed “People of the Book,” who were allowed to keep their original faith and live under Islamic society (the Ummah) in a tolerated, inferior status. [more...]

Dems Still Blaming Vast Right-wing Conspiracy

Is it possible Democrats lost simply because working-class and middle-class white Americans can’t stand their agenda (Obamacare, climate change, open borders)? Hillary Clinton clearly lives in that bubble. She drank the Kool-Aid. She ruined what was left of her credibility, reputation and political career with crazy talk at a high-tech conference a few days ago. She blamed her loss 100 percent on Russia and “a thousand Russian agents” spreading “fake news” across social media. According to “the Queen of conspiracy crazy” it’s another vast right-wing conspiracy, this time with Trump in charge. [more...]

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