Thursday, December 14, 2017

12-14-17 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Jeff Ferry: Deficit Headed for $560 Billion
2. Stephen Thayer: AG Has a Liberal Bullseye on His Back
3. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Verizon and the NFL to Stream Games on Smartphones
4. Daniel Greenfield: Who Really Lost in Alabama
5. Lowell Ponte: Our “Downsized” Future

Deficit Headed for $560 Billion

The U.S. trade deficit rose another 8.6% in October to reach $48.7 billion as imports in the month hit $244.6 billion, an all-time record for imports in a single month. That import figure, which includes goods and services imports, is up 1.6% on the September figure, and up 7% on the year-earlier October imports figure. With ten months’ data for 2017 now published, U.S. imports are running 6.5% ahead of the same period in 2016, indicating that 2017 could finish up with imports at $2.89 trillion, an all-time high for U.S. imports. [more...]

AG Has a Liberal Bullseye on His Back

By any measure, Attorney General Sessions has been successful in rolling back some of the misguided Department of Justice policies of the Obama/Holder administration. Because of that, progressives, liberals and democrats are doggedly pursuing unsupported suggestions of a Sessions role in alleged Trump campaign collusion with Russia. Here are a few reasons why the AG has a liberal bullseye on his back: [more...]

Verizon and the NFL to Stream Games on Smartphones

Verizon has just signed a multi-year deal with the NFL to stream football games to all smartphones regardless of carriers. This is not a new feature for Verizon, which had previously signed a deal with the NFL that allowed Verizon customers to stream football games directly on their phones. But now the new deal allows fans to watch football games in their local markets even if they are not Verizon customers. So, if you are from Louisiana you can watch the Saints game on your phone, and fans will also be able to watch nationally televised games on their phones too, including Monday, Thursday, and Sunday Night Football. The games will stream through Yahoo Sports, Verizon’s go90, and NFL mobile. [more...]

Who Really Lost in Alabama

The Alabama Senate election was about everything except Alabama. And in the end, Alabamans stayed home and let the inevitable turnout tide of passion politics take its course. Minority voters rallied to Obama. Republicans stayed home. And the GOP is now holding on to a bare one-seat Senate majority. The Democrats had abandoned Alabama, along with much of the South. They weren't interested in Doug Jones until they smelled weakness. And they still aren’t interested in representing Alabamans now. They just want another Senate seat to bring them closer to blocking and impeaching President Trump. [more...]

Our “Downsized” Future

Republicans cutting taxes would be “the end of the world... Armageddon,” said Nancy Pelosi days ago. This could certainly be the end of her world, because Democratic Party power comes largely from taxing and redistributing to its voters the earnings of Republicans. Congressional leaders of both parties understand that their money and power have come at a terrible cost to America’s liberty, prosperity, and individual independence. We are headed for the end of America, as our nation’s framers dreamed it, if our citizens cannot make their courage and self-reliance big enough to force our government to be small again – small enough to fit inside the Constitution.  [more...]

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