Monday, December 4, 2017

12-5-17 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Can Dem Efforts to Impeach Trump Work?
2. Lowell Ponte: Is the IRS Taking Control of Bitcoin?
3. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: CVS-Aetna Deal
4. James Hirsen: The Steinle Case - Justice Politicized
5. David Horowitz: Leading Watchdog Group Releases List of “Top Ten Worst Schools Supporting Terrorists” in 2017

Can Dem Efforts to Impeach Trump Work?

It now looks like the Trump-Russian collusion investigation has gone nowhere and might end after the first of the year. So, instead, the Left and the Democrats hope to nullify the results of the historic 2016 presidential election by attempting to impeach Trump over obstruction of justice charges, or possibly Logan Act violations. Will these efforts actually result in a Trump impeachment? I believe attempting to impeach Trump makes the Democrat Party look more out of touch with the American people. The Democrat Party needs to jump on the Trump train and support policies the American people voted for. Endless frivolous lawsuits and needless investigations and pointless impeachment efforts against Trump are impeding progress in America. The efforts to impeach Trump actually hurt the Democrat Party more than anyone else. [more...]

Is the IRS Taking Control of Bitcoin?

The widespread fascination with Bitcoin, the digital cryptocurrency, has been in part from its pirate-like mystique as “money,” not created nor controlled by any government, that could be used anonymously to buy and sell privately, free from tax collectors’ prying eyes and greedy grasp. On November 28, after more than a year of a legal case by the Internal Revenue Service, U.S. District Court Magistrate Judge Jacqueline Corley ordered Coinbase, the San Francisco-based largest Bitcoin dealer in America, to turn over to the IRS the names, addresses, and taxpayer identification numbers of at least 14,355 people who were some of its customers between 2013 and 2015. [more...]

CVS-Aetna Deal

This past Sunday, CVS Health announced that it had agreed to a deal to buy Aetna for $69 billion. The deal would merge the drugstore giant with one of the biggest health insurers in the United States. Talks of this deal had been going around for some time, mostly after it became apparent that the Internet giant, Amazon, was preparing to enter the pharmaceutical market by getting pharmacy licenses in over a dozen states. The deal will have a drastic change on the healthcare market. Together these two companies are in touch with most of the basic health services that people regularly use. And CVS has said that it is prepared to transform its 10,000 pharmacies and clinic locations to better meet the needs of their patients once the merger is complete. [more...]

The Steinle Case - Justice Politicized

The Steinle verdict was not due process but rather a politicized miscarriage of justice to further advance the highly illegal and dangerous “sanctuary” cities policies. The city of San Francisco had set up “sanctuary” rules, which stopped federal agents from removing a five-time deported criminal from the country. The “sanctuary” policies of cities such as San Francisco and states such as California prevent local law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration agents. The tragic truth is that, if the policy had not been in place, Zarate would have been turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement in the Spring of 2015 and Steinle would still be alive. [more...]

Leading Watchdog Group Releases List of “Top Ten Worst Schools Supporting Terrorists” in 2017

Brooklyn College (CUNY), Brandeis University, the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and the University of Houston are among 10 American colleges and universities cited by the David Horowitz Freedom Center as the “Top Ten Worst Schools Supporting Terrorists” in a report released this week. As stated in the report, student organizations at these campuses - most notably the Hamas-linked group Students for Justice in Palestine - receive “funding and organizational support” from terrorists in order to “whitewash actual terrorist attacks and promote the genocidal lies of terrorist organizations, specifically Hamas, whose stated goal is the destruction of the Jewish state.” [more...]

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