Tuesday, December 5, 2017

12-6-17 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Jeff Ferry: U.S. Agriculture Has Failed to Benefit from Korean Free Trade Agreement
2. Kerry Lutz: NFL Implosion
3. Stephen Thayer and The Law Enforcement Action Network: Fate of Baltimore Cops Cleared in Freddie Gray Case
4. Daniel Greenfield: Obstruction of Justice was Coming from Inside the FBI
5. Bruce Thornton: Social Media, Fake News and Free Speech

U.S. Agriculture Has Failed to Benefit from Korean Free Trade Agreement

A major reason the U.S. Congress and Obama administration approved the KORUS free trade agreement with South Korea in 2011 was the expected benefits to U.S. agricultural exports. Six years later, it’s now clear those benefits have not materialized. U.S. agricultural exports to South Korea have fallen 9% since 2011, coming in at $6.9 billion last year. To add insult to injury, South Korean agricultural exports to the U.S. have surged under KORUS, up 62% to $748 million last year. [more...]

NFL Implosion

Much to everyone’s surprise, the NFL’s ratings continue to implode. This is bad news for Trump’s sworn enemy the MSM. Recent CBS’s earnings estimates were cut, due in large part to the NFL’s ratings slump. ESPN is laying off 150 employees. The three Thanksgiving Day games, among the most popular, were down an admitted 19%, but the real story is that it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better (if ever). And the media and the NFL owners and brass can’t figure out why. A recently leaked NFL study revealed that should the National Anthem protests continue, the damage to the League’s prestige and its MSM partner’s profits would reach a point of no return. [more...]

Fate of Baltimore Cops Cleared in Freddie Gray Case

The father of one of the Baltimore police officers involved in the Freddie Gray case spoke exclusively to Martha MacCallum. Edward Nero Sr., whose son Edward was eventually acquitted of wrongdoing, said his son and others are seeking litigation for malicious prosecution against the city. Nero said that he hopes Baltimore City State Attorney Marilyn Mosby will be "held accountable" for allegedly wrongfully prosecuting his son. Nero said the city was "looking to hang" his son and the other officers for Gray's death. He said his son is glad to finally resume work at the barracks but said Nero Jr. will never be allowed to work a street beat because of the incident. [more...]

Obstruction of Justice was Coming from Inside the FBI

It’s hard to imagine how the Mueller investigation could be any more partisan or tainted. The endgame for this is to go after President Trump on obstruction of justice. But you can’t obstruct justice that was already obstructed. Both the Clinton and Trump investigations were tainted by blatant partisanship. While the Clinton investigation did everything possible to protect her and her aides, regardless of the evidence, the Trump investigation did everything possible to destroy him and his associates without producing a single charge relevant to the actual investigation. The Clintons and their allies have obstructed justice. And it’s time for a real investigation. [more...]

Social Media, Fake News and Free Speech

Free speech has come under attack on two fronts since Donald Trump was elected president. Many unhappy with his victory charge that Russia interfered in our election on his behalf by using social media like Facebook and Twitter, which should be held responsible for the content on their sites. Meanwhile, some political activists and politicians are calling for a revision of our free speech laws to prevent “hate” speech and “fake news” from polluting the public square. Everybody is complaining about false or biased reporting that is distracting and confusing voters with disinformation and appeals to unsavory emotions. One of the pillars of American exceptionalism, the right of citizens to speak freely, no matter how rough or hateful their words, seems to be tottering. [more...]

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