Wednesday, April 25, 2018

4-25-18 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Jerome Corsi: The Trump Counterattack
2. Jeff Ferry: SunPower Buys SolarWorld Americas to Produce in Oregon
3. Ron Hosko: Ex-FBI Agent Says Comey is 'Damaging the Agency'
4. Daniel Greenfield: Deep State or Democrat State?
5. Robert M. Whaples: Pope Francis and the Caring Society

The Trump Counterattack

The Trump counterattack is starting, just as I predicted in Killing the Deep State. We now have McCabe referred for criminal prosecution and an announcement by the DOJ that Comey is under investigation for criminal leaking. Trump has moved Rudy Giuliani in to the legal team to close down the Mueller Special Prosecutor (out of gas, no Russian collusion). Democrats, desperate and in a panic, filed a federal lawsuit that backfires as the GOP organizes to get discovery. We will finally get the DNC computers for independent inspection. The Seth Rich case will be reopened as the GOP presses for records to prove Russia did not hack DNC computers. This is unfolding just as predicted in Killing the Deep State. If you want to know what is going to happen, you must read the book. In the end, Trump wins; Hillary and Obama will be brought to justice for treason before military tribunals. [more...]

SunPower Buys SolarWorld Americas to Produce in Oregon

After opposing tariffs on imported solar cells and modules for years and claiming the U.S. manufacture of solar cells would never be profitable, San Jose, California-based SunPower Corporation announced last week plans to become a leading U.S. manufacturer of solar cells and modules. Last Wednesday, SunPower said it’s buying SolarWorld Americas (SWA) to gain access to SWA’s production facility in Hillsboro, Oregon. The acquisition and a planned boost in production at the Hillsboro facility represent a victory for the Trump administration and other supporters of the solar tariffs. The U.S. solar manufacturing industry has been under assault for years from low-cost, state-subsidized solar manufacturing in China. [more...]

Ex-FBI Agent Says Comey is 'Damaging the Agency'

Ron Hosko, President of the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund and former assistant director of the FBI’s criminal division, said he thought Comey had been out of the FBI for long enough that his public comments were less likely to compromise the work of Mueller or Congress. But he said that he believed, and had heard from serving agents, that Comey’s speaking out was only fuel to Trump’s criticism of the agency. Hosko said, “I’m very confident that Robert Mueller knows how to conduct his investigation. But by talking like this, Comey is not helping the FBI’s ability to fight back against the attacks on its reputation that have been coming from Trump.” He said it would exacerbate the rift between Trump and the FBI: “I expect these wounds to remain open for a very long time.” [more...]

Deep State or Democrat State?

Michael Cohen, President Trump’s lawyer, was forced to drop his lawsuit against Fusion GPS over the smears peddled in its Clinton-Steele dossier because of the recent raids by the FBI. Aside from Trump, Cohen was one of the few people with the standing to sue Fusion GPS and discovery might have pulled back even more of the curtain on the process by which Clinton opposition research was used to justify eavesdropping on Trump officials while manufacturing the Russia conspiracy theory. [more...]

Pope Francis and the Caring Society

Pope Francis and the Caring Society is a nifty and concise primer on economics, free-market principles and Roman Catholic obligations to nurture the poor and planet Earth.  Editor Robert M. Whaples has performed a necessary service by offering this collection of seven essays. Not only are there essays by Acton’s own Samuel Gregg, but also a foreword by none other than one of the guiding spirits of the contemporary Catholic economic enlightenment, the late Michael Novak. With little overlap, each author proceeds from the premise that the free-market concept isn’t an “ism” in the first place. It’s not an ideology that requires blind allegiance. Neither does free-market imply an inherent defense of any given business or industry. Instead, free-market is a set of principles predicated on less is more. Less as in: Less government interference and concomitant less business cronyism with government. More as in: Increased personal freedom, overall prosperity and mutual cooperation. [more...]

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