Wednesday, April 11, 2018

NY Times Admits Pro-Trump 'Killing the Deep State' Bestseller

The New York Times grudgingly acknowledged Thursday what the book world has known for weeks: conservative author Jerome Corsi's widely-acclaimed Killing the Deep State: The Fight to Save President Trump is a bona fide bestseller.

Under mounting pressure, the paper agreed to list the book at No. 15 on its combined print and e-book bestseller list. Meanwhile Killing the Deep State has climbed to the No. 1 spot on several Amazon categories and is already a top 10 bestseller with Barnes & Noble.

Despite this, the Times is still refusing to include it on its more prestigious hardcover nonfiction list despite the fact that it has sold many more copies than books that have been included, according to Nielsen BookScan, the industry's nationally-recognized sales tracking service.

Corsi's book describes "deep state" efforts at agencies like the FBI, Department of Justice, and NSA aimed at destroying Trump's presidency. Killing the Deep State is published by Humanix. When Newsmax reached out to The New York Times to ask why it is snubbing the book, our query was met with a terse "no comment." In an interview with NewsmaxTV, Corsi said that he's not entirely surprised at his book's exclusion from the Times list.

"They don't want any book that will support President Trump, who they detest, to be on The New York Times bestseller list. Even if the book legitimately outsells most of the other books. It's completely disgraceful and dishonest.” [more...]

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