Wednesday, April 4, 2018

4-4-18 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Michael Stumo: China Retaliatory Tariffs: The Age of Appeasement Must End
2. Karen Tiber Leland: Your CEO Brand
3. Daniel Greenfield: Why President Trump is Right to Call Out the Troops
4. Lowell Ponte: Government is Hazardous to Your Health
5. Bruce Thornton: Why We Need John Bolton as NSA

China Retaliatory Tariffs: The Age of Appeasement Must End
By Michael Stumo, CEO of the Coalition for a Prosperous America

We strongly support the Trump administration’s shift from naive “free trade” to the realpolitik “strategic trade” practiced by most industrial nations. Strategic trade will lead to industrial recovery, better jobs and prosperity in the U.S. Challenges will arise as we transition from trade appeasement to protecting national economic interests. Other countries will engage in counter-moves that the U.S. must then address effectively. America must use both its leverage and creative domestic policy effectively to protect our workers, farmers and ranchers as these moves and counter-moves continue into the future. The U.S. cannot tolerate China’s weaponized trade and investment practices. We cannot back down after the first retaliatory announcement. [more...]

Your CEO Brand

According to one study from Burson-Marsteller, 48 percent of a company's reputation can be attributed to the standing of its CEO. For better or worse, having an active CEO brand is no longer an option. And while there is a growing understanding of the importance of creating a CEO brand, many leaders still aren't maximizing their personal brands to benefit their businesses. [more...]

Why President Trump is Right to Call Out the Troops

The United States has 14,000 troops in Afghanistan, 39,000 in Japan, 34,805 in Germany, 23,000 in South Korea, and around 5,200 in Iraq. Our military protects the borders of countless nations... except our own. In 1919, we had 18,500 soldiers on the border. “Twice a day every foot of the border line is patrolled by cavalrymen and infantrymen,” the New York Times noted. A hundred years later, President Trump’s proposal to use the military to secure the border is controversial even though Marines fighting drug cartels have come under fire from drug smugglers. [more...]

Government is Hazardous to Your Health

Everything associated with government should wear a warning label reminding us that "GOVERNMENT IS HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH. The health risk from government is vastly greater than that from a trace chemical that might affect you if you drank 10,000 cups of coffee at once, which is how they test these risks on laboratory animals. Such labels could give Americans a far better understanding of the hazard caused by an oversized government always eager to increase your tax or regulatory burden and endanger your health, so Uncle Sam can grow even fatter. [more...]

Why We Need John Bolton as NSA

Last week ex-CIA chief Michael Hayden signed a letter with a “bipartisan group of 115 national security leaders” that counsels the Trump administration and new National Security Advisor John Bolton not to jettison the nuclear deal with Iran. Hayden’s justification for this advice illustrates all the stale ideas and unexamined assumptions about foreign affairs that have brought us to this crisis in the first place - and why we need the return to realism we are likely to see with Bolton at the helm. [more...]

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