Monday, July 16, 2018

7-17-18 Great Guests for Your Show

1. James Hirsen: Social Media Memes Obscure Bombshell Revelations in Strzok Testimony
2. Adam Andrzejewski: Trump Needs a “Bridge to Nowhere” Moment on Spending
3. Lowell Ponte: Fight 'Richism' by Embracing Your Inner Entrepreneur
4. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Uber is the Way of the Future?
5. John LeBoutillier: Hell in Helsinki

Social Media Memes Obscure Bombshell Revelations in Strzok Testimony

Peter Strzok, the former Chief of the Counterespionage Section of the FBI, recently testified before two House committees about the explicit and clear animus that he expressed toward then-presidential candidate Donald Trump. He did so while simultaneously showing his utter devotion for then-candidate Hillary Clinton, via tens of thousands of text messages with his then-paramour FBI attorney Lisa Page. Under the oversight function with which Congress is charged, it must determine whether the manifest bias exhibited in Strzok’s text messages influenced his work on three very important investigations that rank among the most serious in modern history. [more...]

Trump Needs a “Bridge to Nowhere” Moment on Spending
By Adam Andrzejewski, Author of “Operation Drain the Swamp”

There is no shortage of potential savings in today’s bloated federal budget. Former President Ronald Reagan cut spending by $15 billion through 133 separate rescissions in 1981 and cut another $16 billion in 1986 through 245 separate cuts. Neither former Presidents Barack Obama nor George W. Bush offered any rescissions packages, so Trump’s attempt at this method should be welcomed. But the process doesn’t matter as much as the product and end result. Voters want to see fiscal sanity in Washington. Trump should use every tool at his disposal – from Twitter to rescissions – to change the trajectory on spending. [more...]

Fight 'Richism' by Embracing Your Inner Entrepreneur
By Lowell Ponte

Americans should take a stand against a form of discrimination that violates human rights and divides our society. This discrimination is “richism,” hatred of the rich, an invidious kind of hatred and confiscatory taxation promoted by leftist politicians, ideologues, and demagogues. Like racism, “richism” attacks people for something in their genetic blueprint, scientists are finding. We find racism unfair because it attacks people for traits caused by their DNA, such as skin color. [more...]

Uber is the Way of the Future?

Imagine yourself five years from now.  Are you still driving yourself to work each morning? Uber and Lyft are trying to change the way we travel; and transportation as we know it may be changing sooner than you think. Driving yourself may be a thing of the past. Uber is quickly becoming a verb synonymous with travel. [more...]

Hell in Helsinki

On the latest edition of REVOLUTION_The Podcast... we explore the Trump-Putin Summit in Helsinki: why the private one-on-one meeting? Why the secrecy? What are they up to? Who is calling the shots? Why is Trump at war with NATO and Angela Merkel and Theresa May? What role does the Mueller probe play in all of this? [more...]

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