Monday, July 23, 2018

7-24-18 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Daniel Greenfield: All the President’s Hacks - Media Fake News Fueled Obama’s Watergate
2. Lowell Ponte: Why the Media are Losing Their Minds
3. Michael Stumo: Whose Trade War is it Anyway?
4. Jeff Ferry: Other Nations Following U.S. Lead on Steel Tariffs
5. James Hirsen: Roseanne is Back with an Unfiltered Internet Show
6. John LeBoutillier: Helsinki Analysis

All the President’s Hacks - Media Fake News Fueled Obama’s Watergate

FISA application shows how the media allowed Obama to eavesdrop on Republicans.

When Hillary Clinton cites the “intelligence community assessment” to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the presidential election, she’s really repeating her own lie, that her campaign created, rolled through the media and the government, which used it to spy on the Trump campaign, and then finally became an “assessment” under orders from Obama carried out by political allies like Clapper and Brennan. The media, which once boasted of exposing Watergate, had played a key role in Obama’s Watergate. [more...]

Why the Media are Losing Their Minds

Many in our media are now going insane because Hillary Clinton – and her media comrades – lost. President Trump is succeeding; and he appears likely to lead the Republican Party to victory in the 2018 elections and to continue dismantling the leftist policies of media darling President Obama. What the media find most galling, however, is that – through their own high-handed arrogance and stupidity – they helped make Donald Trump president. The mainstream media gave candidate Trump $2 billion worth of free airtime, the New York Times grimly admits. Their plan was to give Trump nearly all the free airtime that would have been spread among 16 Republican contenders, most of whom on paper had more political credentials and experience than he did. [more...]

Whose Trade War is it Anyway?

I was asked, after the U.S. Trade Representative announced tariffs on another $200 billion of Chinese goods, whether I would admit that we are now in a trade war. China started the trade war in 1994 with currency devaluation and state-directed capitalism. Then got better at it. 16% growth per year.  10% growth per year.  We believed that they wanted to be like us. That they wanted to be democratic... capitalistic... an open society. We believed their accession to the WTO would ensure that process. That belief was catastrophically wrong. Old beliefs die hard.  Even when faced with persistent contrary facts.  U.S. leaders believed it... for years. We are now responding to China's 24-year old trade war. Read the USTR 301 report.  Read the U.S. China Economic and Security Review Commission reports. Rebut them if you can. We started nothing. We need to get good at trade wars... or trade conflicts... or better yet "strategic trade." [more...]

Other Nations Following U.S. Lead on Steel Tariffs

When the Trump administration imposed 25% tariffs on steel imports in March, some other nations loudly criticized the move. Now - surprise, surprise - they are shifting gear - and jumping on the tariff bandwagon. Both the European Union and Canada have taken steps towards blocking excessive imports of steel into their markets. The European Union announced last week that it would levy a 25% tariff on all steel imports above the average level of steel imports between 2015 and 2017. The EU said this is necessary because steel imports into the EU, which rose by over 60% between 2013 and 2017, were set to rise further this year as the U.S. tariffs take hold and steel from major exporters gets diverted into Europe. This, the EU said, could have negative consequences for EU steelmakers and their workforces (i.e., job loss). Meanwhile, north of the border, Canada is also considering restrictions. [more...]

Roseanne is Back with an Unfiltered Internet Show

Samantha Bee used a terribly profane pejorative to describe the president’s daughter, and Whoopi Goldberg treated an established legal professional and Fox News host in a reprehensible manner. Neither television personality suffered any real fallout for their inappropriate and offensive behavior. In stark contrast, as a result of a single tweet posted during personal non-working hours, Roseanne Barr had her television series taken away from her. As a testament to her resilience, Roseanne has decided not to abandon her audience or surrender the opportunity to speak her mind. [more...]

Helsinki Analysis

On the latest edition of REVOLUTION_The Podcast... we look at the strange and odd behavior of President Trump at the Helsinki summit - and since. What really happened in that private, two-hour meeting with Putin? Why the secrecy - even from his own staff? Were there agreements reached that we do not know of? Why is Trump now back-tracking on a daily basis? And why is there now going to be a second Trump-Putin summit in the White House in just two months? [more...]

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