Tuesday, July 31, 2018

7-31-18 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Jeff Ferry: Overexposed - China’s Trade Surplus
2. James Hirsen: Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Les Moonves Stun Hollywood
3. Daniel Greenfield: The Democrat Future Isn’t Socialist, It’s Crazy
4. Lowell Ponte: The Ominous New Wall Around America
5. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Google Unphased by $5 Billion Fine
6. John LeBoutillier: A Cohen Scorned

Overexposed - China’s Trade Surplus

The struggle to reduce America’s trade deficit with China is still in its beginnings, but the early signs are that America may be winning the battle. The Chinese stock market is down far more than the U.S. stock market so far this year, and U.S. companies are reporting generally strong second quarters. Meanwhile, China is flooding its capital markets with liquidity and depreciating its currency to keep its exports moving and has stopped talking about tariff retaliation - at least for the moment. The Chinese government stopped publishing monthly trade figures in March without explanation, possibly a sign that Beijing does not want the world to see how its exports are suffering. [more...]

Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Les Moonves Stun Hollywood

Ronan Farrow, who already won a Pulitzer Prize for breaking the Harvey Weinstein story, has now unveiled another detailed account, which involves alleged sexual misconduct on the part of the singular most powerful and influential media executive in the world, Les Moonves. According to Farrow’s New Yorker article, six women accuse the chairman and CEO of CBS Corporation of various forms of sexual harassment and intimidation, and dozens more claim that they suffered abuse at the company as well. Farrow’s piece also documents a culture of sexual harassment at CBS, focusing specifically on CBS News, the former employer of another figure who had a career end due to sexual misconduct allegations, Charlie Rose. [more...]

The Democrat Future Isn’t Socialist, It’s Crazy

They don’t want socialism, they want Trump dead.

The socialists are having a moment. At least if you believe the media. But if the socialists were really having a moment, their big show wouldn’t be a 28-year-old birdbrain whose big achievement was beating a boring white guy in a Hispanic district he didn’t even live in. If you’re going to take over the Democrats, you need something more to show for it than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or a senile socialist who came in number 2 in the primaries and then again in the DNC. [more...]

The Ominous New Wall Around America

A new wall against emigrants has just been erected on America’s borders, but few citizens are aware of this invisible barrier. This is not the wall President Donald Trump promised. This new wall does nothing to keep illegal aliens out. It also does nothing to prevent invading illegals from collecting social benefits virtually from the moment they arrive – thereby picking the pockets of American taxpayers. This new wall is a barrier not to immigrants but to emigrants, designed to stop wealthy targeted taxpaying citizens from departing the United States. President Obama authorized the IRS to revoke the passport of any taxpayer whom the IRS arbitrarily deems to have “seriously delinquent tax debt.” In our analysis of 19 little-noticed government traps designed to loot American citizens, we warned that the IRS now has the power to capriciously shut off anyone’s passport at the push of a computer button. [more...]

Google Unphased by $5 Billion Fine

The European Union has fined Google $5 billion for violating their antitrust rules - specifically, by forcing manufacturers of Android phones to install the Google search app and the Chrome Web browser. For years, the EU has battled tech companies like Google to comply with regulations - last year even fining Google $2.72 billion for violations. More recently, the EU fined Google $5 billion, setting a world record for the highest antitrust penalty.  If Google doesn't change its business practices, the cost could grow even higher, with penalty payments added after 90 days. Google intends to appeal the EU’s decision. [more...]

A Cohen Scorned

On the latest edition of REVOLUTION_The Podcast... we examine the strategy of Michael Cohen: what is he up to? Does he want a pardon - or a deal with prosecutors? What motivates him - revenge against the Trumps or his own personal resurrection? What does he really know - and is this why Trump is reported to be in a "dark mood"? [more...]

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