Thursday, January 24, 2019

1-24-19 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Jeffrey Katz: Bringing Trump and Pelosi Together for a Compromise
2. Michael Newton Keas: Scientists and the Myths They Cherish
3. Jamie Glazov: Facebook and Twitter Consult with CAIR
4. Sally Pipes: While Dems Push Government Healthcare, Canadians Wait Nearly Five Months for Treatment
5. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: The Government Shutdown - A Disruption in Stability and Safety

Bringing Trump and Pelosi Together for a Compromise
By Jeffrey Katz

The principles in my new book The Secret Life could resolve the impasse between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Trump on the government shutdown.  Not pre-judging the other and being willing to give the other the benefit of the doubt, all done in a spirit of moderation and focusing on the larger relationships within our country that are so important to maintain -  rather than continued focus on far narrower interests - could lead to a resolution between the two on this issue that is important to our entire nation. When Pelosi says she will negotiate funding for enhanced border security and barriers in good faith once government is reopened, that is something on which she could be given the benefit of the doubt by President Trump. The two might pre-agree on some amount of new barrier funding that would be part of any subsequently negotiated deal - to be fully hashed out only after the government is reopened. President Trump might lengthen the new grace period for DACA recipients from the three years now on the table, in order to further build trust between the two sides. If there could be a thaw in the current deep freeze between the two polarized sides in our society, we would all reap the benefits. [more...]

Scientists and the Myths They Cherish
By Michael Newton Keas

Do scientists believe in myths? They sure do, and they enjoy considerable success in fobbing them off on the rest of us. In textbooks, popular media, and other venues the public is regularly led astray about the supposedly adversarial relationship of science versus faith. Nobody wants to be on the losing side of that purported battle: the myth merchants play on our (and their own) egos, the wish to appear smart and enlightened. Against this emotional manipulation, I detonate six specific myths about our world and the universe, and a seventh that’s used to fill the “significance void” - the painful gap in our own understanding of humanity’s place in the cosmos - left by the other six.  Read more in my new book, Unbelievable: 7 Myths about the History and Future of Science and Religion. [more...]

Facebook and Twitter Consult with CAIR
By Jamie Glazov

Facebook and Twitter are consult with CAIR, exposing how leading social media sites are asking a Hamas-linked group who should get banned from their platforms. We have to stand up against this evil. Facebook and Twitter are now Sharia compliant. Twitter warned me that I'm violating Pakistan Islamic blasphemy laws by posting my new book. CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism financing case in U.S. history. [more...]

While Dems Push Government Healthcare, Canadians Wait Nearly Five Months for Treatment
By Sally Pipes, President & CEO of the Pacific Research Institute

Last year, Canadians waited a median of almost 20 weeks to receive specialist treatment after being referred by a general practitioner, according to a new report from The Fraser Institute. In practical terms, that's the equivalent of getting a referral this week and waiting until May for treatment. Such waits are endemic to government-run healthcare systems. Canada's single-payer system, which prohibits private insurance for medically necessary procedures, is a prime example of the pitfalls of total government control. Twenty weeks of waiting is bad enough. But some areas in Canada fare even worse. [more...]

The Government Shutdown - A Disruption in Stability and Safety
By Michelle Seiler-Tucker

Since December 22nd, the United States Federal Government has been laying down the groundwork for the declaration of a national emergency. While President Donald Trump continues his fight for the approval of a $5 billion wall to line the U.S./Mexico border, the national government has entered what is currently the longest shutdown in American history. As a result, many federal workers are forced to continue working, but are doing so without receiving pay, missing their paychecks starting the week of the shutdown. In addition, national security, safety, and economic prosperity all face great decline as our representatives continue to receive their promised benefits. [more...]

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