Tuesday, January 22, 2019

How Many More Media Lies Will it Take to Convince the Public that the Media Lies?

By Karen Kataline

The mainstream media has now been caught with mounds of egg on its face twice in less than a week: First, the phony Buzzfeed story spurred large swaths of activists professing to be journalists into a feeding frenzy. So delighted were they in calling for “impeachment!” after having done so without evidence, they felt vindicated in going full bore when they thought they'd “got him.”  When their Messiah Mueller disavowed the story himself in a rare news release, most “journalists” didn’t even have the decency to be humiliated.

Second is the story about the Covington Catholic boys who attended a Right to Life march in Washington, D.C. wearing MAGA hats. They were completely set up by Trump-hating, abortion-loving activists who were committed to overshadowing the message that pro-life activists had hoped to send. For some time, the Left has been employing tactics reminiscent of agents provocateur; but it’s difficult to get the word out when most people depend on media itself to give them the facts. In this case, the facts were twisted with bias and innuendo to make the boys look like the perpetrators and the perpetrators look like the victims.  How many other incidents have there been like these two in recent years? It’s hard to say, since the media thinks it should have the monopoly on telling us. [more...]

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