Friday, January 18, 2019

The True Meaning of the Misguided Women's March

With tomorrow's so-called "women's march" plagued with anti-Semitism and radical Islam influences, we must ask: why are the views of radical Islam accepted by Western left-wing audiences? It's no small irony that the march was supposedly created as a protest not only against sexism but other forms of bigotry. So, why in the world would the women's march leader refer to Nation of Islam Louis Farrakhan as 'the greatest of all time?'

What has happened to the West - to the values of freedom and equality for all - questioning our moral values to the point that we have come to accept the delectable lie that Islam is a religion of peace? We witness Islamic terror but choose to believe what we are told: It isn’t Islam. Islam is a religion of peace. If Islam is such a peaceful religion, why must we be reminded of it over and over again? Amazon's #1 New Release Jamie Glazov's Jihadist Psychopath answers these questions. Glazov explains this “insanity” - this desire to believe what is factually untrue. He takes us on a journey through the lens of psychology and the mental condition known as “psychopathy.” [more...]

Jihadist Psychopath tells us how Islamic Supremacism has influenced Western culture; how the Western media contributed to this Islamic influence; and why sympathy continues to grow in the West for these Islamic militants. Glazov reveals ways in which we can prevent the growing influence of Islamic Supremacism. Endorsed by Dennis Prager, John Bolton, Steven Emerson and Geert Wilders, Jamie Glazov's Jihadist Psychopath is a warning for Americans that radical Muslims are totally dedicated to the destruction of Western civilization.

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