Tuesday, November 12, 2019

11-12-19 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. James Hirsen: The Real Jane Fonda
2. Jeff Ferry: Steel Tariffs are Driving U.S. Economic Growth
3. Karen Kataline: Only in Leftie-Land is a Roaring Economy a Threat
4. Robert Curry: Has the Coup Already Happened?
5. Lowell Ponte: Decriminalizing Crime

The Real Jane Fonda
By James Hirsen

As Jane Fonda panders to the woke generation, many of the younger left-leaners think that she is just another run-of-the-mill hate America socialist. But they really need to get to know the real Jane Fonda better. As painful as it is, those of us who have been around a while can assist the process. Years ago, in a shameless so-called protest of the Vietnam War, Fonda earned the name “Hanoi Jane.” Astounding that Fonda would be reliving her protest un-glory days this beautiful month of November, the month when the patriotic and grateful among us are pouring our hearts out to our beloved Veterans here and in heaven. Truly tragically, Fonda’s current rhetoric reveals her disdain for a country that provided her with a level of success and abundance that few attain. [more...]

Steel Tariffs are Driving U.S. Economic Growth
By Jeff Ferry, Chief Economist

On October 25th, America’s largest steelmaker Nucor opened a new steel mill in Hickman, Arkansas. The mill will employ about 100 workers at an average salary of $80,000 a year. A jubilant Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson attended the opening and told the crowd: "I am thrilled that Nucor chose Hickman as the site for its new specialty cold mill complex... Nucor’s investment in Mississippi County over the past 30 years or so has made a substantial economic impact to the region." The steel tariffs are working. They are delivering prosperity to the steel industry, which is in turn benefiting the local communities where steelworks are located. According to industry sources, some $13 billion worth of major steel investment projects are now underway. Most of them are in small towns or semi-rural communities in Middle America, exactly the sort of places that became depressed after years of deindustrialization. [more...]

Only in Leftie-Land is a Roaring Economy a Threat
By Karen Kataline

Advisor to Bloomberg, Howard Wolfson, was reported by ABC News as saying, "Mike believes that Donald Trump represents an unprecedented threat to our nation." Only in Leftie-land is a roaring economy, American prosperity and a long list of measurable accomplishments that have improved the lives of everyday Americans a threat. Those everyday Americans are starting to ask themselves more and more why radical Leftists would prefer that they be unemployed, miserable, frightened and controlled by a dictatorial government. Quite a trick for the bunch that has claimed for decades that they were the "compassionate" ones. [more...]

Has the Coup Already Happened?
By Robert Curry, author of Reclaiming Common Sense

Democrats in Congress, Democratic operatives in the Deep State, and co-conspirators in the corporate leftist propaganda conglomerate are attempting to drive Trump from office. This hyperpartisan process rightly has been called an attempted coup. It is also a brazen fraud. Isn’t it clear that the coup has already happened? By trying to overthrow the results of a presidential election, the political elite is merely showing its hand; America has an elite that believes it now rules in America. We have an elite that does not accept the American idea of government - by, for, and of the people. [more...]

Decriminalizing Crime
By Lowell Ponte

The Left is now decriminalizing crime by effectively nullifying penalties for criminal acts. "Illegal aliens" are thus allowed to enter the U.S. illegally because many are no longer arrested or detained for doing so. In California, you can now shoplift up to $950 from a retail store and not be hunted down or arrested for doing so, which is bankrupting many California merchants. Many cities across the U.S. are likewise adopting large thefts - $750 in Dallas/Ft. Worth, e.g. - before they will go after the shoplifter. New York City now refuses to jail or otherwise punish those who jump subway turnstiles after a recent gang of protestors threatened violence. The mob was demanding its "right" to steal free transit... and got support from that idiot, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. [more...]

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