Tuesday, November 26, 2019

11-26-19 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Don Buckner: Buy MadeinAmerica.com for the Holidays
2. Robert Spencer: The Palestinian Delusion
3. Lowell Ponte: Why We Pack on the Pounds in the Fall
4. Christopher Markowski: The Feds Want More Power
5. Karen Kataline: Are Trump Supporters Sycophants or a Gallery of Rebels?
6. James Hirsen: Why Democrats Should Fear a Senate Trial

Buy MadeinAmerica.com for the Holidays
By Don Buckner, Founder & CEO of MadeinAmerica.com

My patriotic plan began in 1998, when I noticed how hard it was to find American-made products online. That's when I purchased the domain MadeintheUSA.com. Then I acquired MadeinAmerica.com, which has become the go-to source for all things Made in America. We have a buy & build American philosophy. Growing the U.S. economy depends on a strong and flexible manufacturing community. We have one goal: to raise awareness for the economic, environmental and community impact of American-made manufacturers and brands. We'll have lots of great deals for the coming holidays, starting on Black Friday. [more...]

The Palestinian Delusion
By Robert Spencer

Why is it that every American President has had a plan to bring about peace between Israel and the Palestinians, yet every single one has failed? In my new book, The Palestinian Delusion: The Catastrophic History of the Middle East Peace Process, I reveal the reason, trace the history of the "peace process," and map out a path for stability in the Middle East that rejects the prevailing naivete, wishful thinking, and political grandstanding, and deal realistically with the facts on the ground. I delineate a realistic, viable alternative to the endless and futile "peace process," showing how the Jewish State and the Palestinian Arabs can truly coexist in peace, without illusions or unrealistic expectations. [more...]

Why We Pack on the Pounds in the Fall
By Lowell Ponte

Our bodies change and have their own seasons, too, to survive the cold we sense coming. For those of northern European ancestry, chances are that you have already begun putting on extra pounds of the fat that helped your ancestors survive long, frigid winters. Those in Ice Age lands who failed to top off their bodies' biological fuel tanks were at greater risk of dying before springtime warmth returned. We are the descendants of those who fattened in autumn and lost weight in spring. Thanksgiving is therefore not merely a ritual holiday for giving thanks. Its huge meal and abundant leftovers reinforce our ancient impulse to pack on pounds to help us outlive the cold weather we feel coming. Many will put on 5-15 pounds during such autumn and winter feasts. [more...]

The Feds Want More Power
By Christopher Markowski

How many of you are going to be happy with more unelected bureaucrats meddling in your lives all the time?  Take a look at the various different agencies within the executive branch of government: EPA, SEC, FCC, and on and on... that make rules and regulations that can cost us ungodly sums of money. They don't go through any legislative process. Now, you have the federal reserve who is giving us 107 years of crappy monetary policy. They now want to get involve in fiscal policy and help in wealth distribution. Gee, what could possibly go wrong? The federal reserve can't even calculate inflation properly. [more...]

Are Trump Supporters Sycophants or a Gallery of Rebels?
By Karen Kataline

Leftists and never-Trumpers continue to beat the drum that Trump supporters are sycophants who blindly follow Trump regardless of what he does. Is that true? Certainly, he draws stunning crowds wherever he goes and his support seems only to be growing. What’s the difference between sycophantism and true, solid support? Those who make the charge aren’t likely to care since they use it to demean and dismiss those who dare to declare their support for President Trump. The bullying for doing so is legendary already. Many of the leftist media have even gone so far as to call his movement a cult! [more...]

Why Democrats Should Fear a Senate Trial
By James Hirsen

If the Democrats actually pull off a vote to impeach the president, they just may find themselves ruing the day. The politically charged impeachment drama could play out in the following manner: Republicans in the Senate would make the case that the House articles of impeachment are the product of a highly flawed process. They would point out that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff kicked off the hearings in a shroud of secrecy. Curiously, only information favorable to the Democrats was allowed to leak out. Senate Republicans would also note that the chairman ran a series of closed-door depositions, a.k.a. “auditions,” followed by open televised testimony sessions that posed as committee hearings. Much of the above mentioned was in flagrant violation of constitutional norms and is easily recognizable as an assault on due process. [more...]

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