Tuesday, November 19, 2019

11-19-19 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Crista Huff: Why You Should Buy GOOGL Stock Now
2. Lowell Ponte: Can Bloomberg's Billions Buy the Presidency?
3. Christopher Markowski: Fed-ex Pays Zero Taxes... and more...
4. Karen Kataline: The "Schiff Show" & the Faustian Lure of Leftism
5. James Hirsen: "Wokeness" In Today's Left-Tilted Culture

Why You Should Buy GOOGL Stock Now
By Crista Huff

Alphabet, a.k.a. Google, is a company that’s known to everyone. But sometimes GOOGL stock gets surprisingly undervalued. I recently added a very famous company’s stock to my Cabot Undervalued Stock Advisor’s portfolio. Investors promptly sent me e-mails asking whether I’d lost my mind. That’s because investors tend to think of famous, popular stocks as always being overvalued. They didn’t perceive the stock as ever being a bargain. The truth is, any stock can be overvalued or undervalued, depending on two main numbers: share price and profit. If profit is growing while the share price is treading water, that can be a set-up for an undervalued stock scenario, drawing the attention of professional investors who are constantly assessing risk and know how to identify capital gain opportunities. [more...]

Can Bloomberg's Billions Buy the Presidency?
By Lowell Ponte

Former three-term New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, 77, has taken steps to join the Democratic presidential race. Bloomberg "has more money than God," says pollster Frank Luntz. Can he buy the presidency? With $52.3 billion, he is the ninth richest American and the fourteenth wealthiest person in the world. President Trump, by comparison, according to Forbes wealth survey, has only $3.1 billion, is the 259th richest American and the 715th wealthiest person in the world. Both Trump and Bloomberg are "too rich to be bought" by special interests or campaign donors, and both are rich enough to have a mix of eccentric ideas because neither needs to conform to somebody else's ideology or whims to win the support of political contributors. But Bloomberg is a nanny statist, and a fanatical gun control freak who as mayor tried to use the government to control where a person could smoke and how much salt, trans-fat, and soda pop a person should be permitted to have at a public restaurant. [more...]

Fed-ex Pays Zero Taxes... and more...
By Christopher Markowski

This week on my podcast, I am talking about Paul Krugman, the rest of the chattering classes and the consequences of never being right. I have no problem with Fed-ex paying zero in taxes. Salary and the free market. Gas station workers vs. school teachers in Florida. Iran's a mess; either stay away or find a way to make nice. Aramco IPO. Cost of the war on terror. Social Security and the conspiracy to keep people poor and stupid. Obama warns against the communists running for President. [more...]

The "Schiff Show" & the Faustian Lure of Leftism
By Karen Kataline

Despite the terrible performances and even worse entertainment values of the "Schiff Show," the serial drama is being doled out in dribs and drabs to keep us enthralled, enraged and distracted. Democrats and their media minions are showing us what being railroaded in a third world country actually looks like. It isn’t pretty. It’s instructive because it is the antithesis of the American traditions of fair and equal justice and due process. Once again, the Left is putting on a show to detach us from every one of these dearly held beliefs to give permission and sanction to the ignorant and reactionary citizens among us. [more...]

"Wokeness" In Today's Left-Tilted Culture
By James Hirsen

"Wokeness" in today’s left-tilted culture is the overarching theme that is mandating current PC standards. The hyper-liberal ideology is so accepted by Hollywood’s mainstream community, it makes even the savviest power players repeatedly muck things up, financially and otherwise. Shoehorning far-left politics into what are supposed to be entertainment projects, Hollywood studios are continuing the pattern of releasing loser reboots, prequels, sequels, and the like, including the failing "Charlie's Angels," "Ghostbusters," "Men in Black," "The Last Jedi," and "Terminator: Dark Fate" - to name just a few. [more...]

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