Tuesday, August 11, 2020

8-11-20 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Dr. Jerome Corsi: Attorney General Barr is Taking Action
2. David Horowitz: The Alarming Progress of the Hate America Left
3. Dr. Steve Turley: Chaos in Portland Turns into Civil War as Leftists Begin Destroying Themselves
4. Karen Kataline: Which is the Real Oprah Winfrey?
5. James Hirsen: Is Chief Justice Roberts Going Rogue?
6. Lowell Ponte: The Left's Hatred for Judeo-Christian Religion

Attorney General Barr is Taking Action

U.S. Attorney General William Barr is taking action. Realizing that the Left is now full on Communist, willing to burn the entire country down to get its way, and pulling out all the stops to take down the Trump Administration, Barr appears to be making this month as the critical nexus of his legal activity to restore law and order at all levels in our nation. If Barr does not act this week, the Conservative Treehouse has information that it has compiled over several months, that if released will make it impossible for the DOJ to not act. I am contacting CTH to join the effort to bring America back from the brink of destruction. [more...]

The Alarming Progress of the Hate America Left

Today our nation is facing the most serious threat to establish tyranny in our entire history. This threat comes from the political left, which deceptively calls its reactionary creed "progressive." Its tyranny is advanced under the Orwellian names, "political correctness," "cancel culture, "wokeness" and "anti-racism," which is a recently minted doctrine that condemns every deviation from the leftwing party line as "racist" and therefore worthy of suppression. The gravity of this attempt to abolish our democracy can be seen in the attack on America's founding – an attack led by America's intellectual establishment. Under the rubric of "The 1619 Project," The New York Times, the Pulitzer and MacArthur Foundations and other arbiters of the culture have promoted the monstrous libel that America was founded as a slave state and that the American revolution was designed to preserve this hateful institution which had survived in countries all over the world for 3,000 years. The problem with the libel begins with the date. [more...]

Chaos in Portland Turns into Civil War as Leftists Begin Destroying Themselves

For over two months, Antifa and Black Lives Matter radicals in Portland have been protesting, demonstrating, destroying public property, and assaulting police officers. While the mainstream media would like us to think that the clash is between the federal government vs. peaceful protestors, the reality of the situation speaks to a very different binary, one that promises to radically and permanently change the nature and complexion of the Democrat Party. The stubborn continuation, even escalation, of the social unrest since federal forces have largely left the city reveals that the clash between rioters and authorities is turning into nothing less than a civil war arising from within the political left itself! [more...]

Which is the Real Oprah Winfrey?
Remember when Oprah was immensely popular with predominantly white Americans? She seemed compassionate and fair-minded and she made a mint with her brand. Now, comes a recent New York Post article which reports that she's been labeled a hypocritical "fraud" for calling out "white privilege" since she's so rich. She even labels the "system of white people" as a caste system. Which is the real Oprah - the disingenuous lefty who clearly was hiding a lot of what she really thought of the people who made her famous and fabulously wealthy? Or the one who used to talk about gratitude? Can we get her to watch some of her old shows? Never mind. It's hard to imagine that she meant any of that. [more...]

Is Chief Justice Roberts Going Rogue?

For the last eight years, one individual has played a pivotal role in some of the most significant societal-altering decisions that have come down from the High Court. That lone figure is Chief Justice John Roberts. The past term is one in which Justice Roberts seems to have shed any trace of conservative jurisprudence. But for a while now he has regularly sided with leftist members of the High Court. With the Supreme Court firmly on the electoral radar, it seems as though it is 2016 all over again. But now it appears as if there's even more at stake for the country. [more...]

The Left's Hatred for Judeo-Christian Religion

Leftist rioters have done more than loot stores and tear down Confederate statues. As Marxists with their own dogmatic pagan cult religion, they have gone after traditional religions - beheading statues of Jesus and Mary, torching churches, and more. Their comrades in political office have done likewise, such as New York City Democrat Mayor Bill De Blasio, who has threatened to close any church or synagogue "permanently" if it allows worship services contrary to his executive orders during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Left has hated Judeo-Christian religion for a long time. [more...]

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