Tuesday, August 25, 2020

8-25-20 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. David Horowitz: Trump Should Stay Away from Biden Character Attacks
2. Karen Kataline: Masks are Marxist Muzzles - They Depersonalize People
3. Dr. Jerome Corsi: Trump RNC Begins Strong
4. Dr. Steve Turley: Studies Show Gen. Z is the Most Conservative Generation Ever
5. Lowell Ponte: Will You Be 'De-voted' by Mail This Fall?

Trump Should Stay Away from Biden Character Attacks

President Donald Trump has to talk about his accomplishments and stay away from taking personal swipes at his opponent, Democratic nominee Joe Biden. He [Trump] has to emphasize all the things that he did. He has to stay away from character attacks. He has to do it the way he just did, by saying Pennsylvania lost 50,000 jobs under Biden. That shows Biden is a shameless liar. But he doesn't have to say it. He's [Biden] the guy on his watch that we lost all those manufacturing jobs. No explanation for that. [more...]

Masks are Marxist Muzzles - They Depersonalize People
Everyday people can be leaders and our country needs principled people who are willing to find their courage and be leaders. Let's find our own way of being a leader. Take a look at this creative way of fighting back. This brave woman walked into several stores wearing a paper bag on her head with messages about tyrannical rules being "mandated" by sick politicians in South Carolina and was applauded everywhere she went. [more...]

Trump RNC Begins Strong

The stark contrast between the dark and divisive Communist clown show a/k/a Democrat National Convention and night one of the optimistic and inclusive Republican National Convention cannot be more apparent. Last week was a cauldron of lies and false depictions, as confusion between right and wrong reigned. Communist China and the violent destruction of our great cities and states under Democrat control never mentioned... as if they are myths. However, last night was a celebration of what makes America great, and the prospects for an even greater future with President Trump at the helm for another term. [more...]

Studies Show Gen. Z is the Most Conservative Generation Ever

The latest studies are showing that Generation Z is the most conservative generation ever. Yes, you read that right. Gen Z’ers, those born between 1997 and 2012, are turning out to be the most conservative generation on record. Research from Wright State University on 1,200 Generation Z students at 15 different colleges and universities across the country found that Generation Z is actually more religious than previous generations; they attend church at twice the rate of millennials, Generation Xers, and baby boomers. Their propensity towards religion seems to be having a rather noticeable political effect among young voters in general. Though they tend to identify as politically independent, there's a clear leaning towards conservative politicians and parties. [more...]

Will You Be 'De-voted' by Mail This Fall?

You would have doubts about the umpires of a baseball game who went on TV before the game and announced that they favored one team over another. So, what do we think of balloting by mail this November when the head of the National Association of Letter Carriers, the AFL-CIO union whose members will (without anyone watching) carry 93 percent of all mailed-in ballots, declared days ago that his union endorses Democrat Joe Biden for President? Almost all letter carriers are honest, ethical people. But in a razor-thin election, it could make a difference if even a tiny fraction of mail carriers - fearful of losing their jobs and pensions - decided to trash ballots from known Republican neighborhoods or individuals. [more...]

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