Tuesday, August 4, 2020

8-4-20 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. James Hirsen: Tables Turn as Bibles Burn
2. Karen Kataline: The Fear Quotient
3. Dr. Steve Turley: Trump's Poll Numbers Surge as Democrats Begin to Self-Destruct
4. David Horowitz: My Response to Politico
5. Lowell Ponte: Why We Should Believe None of the Polls
6. Daniel Greenfield: Sharpton's 100,000 Racists March

Tables Turn as Bibles Burn

Burning books is very much a specialty of fascists; the Nazis did it in the 1930s. But burning the Holy Bible? Even in fallen away corners, this is not going to sit well. Guess it should have been apparent though, considering the recent comments made by BLM activist Shaun King who used a series of Twitter posts to urge the destruction of images and statues of Jesus Christ, his Blessed Mother Mary, and other figures from scripture. "Yes, I think the statues of the white European they claim is Jesus should also come down. They are a form of white supremacy," King tweeted. [more...]

The Fear Quotient
The "Fear Quotient" of most people these days is off the scale. It has been like that since March of this year. That’s when we entered the Twilight Zone of the Chinese, Wuhan, COVID-19, Coronavirus with its multiple names. Since then, America has been upended and everyone has an opinion about why. Contributing to the fear and not unrelated have been the riots, looting and burning of our cities by anarchists who appear to be immune from fear of the coronavirus but instead, are determined to instill as much fear as they can in us. [more...]

Trump's Poll Numbers Surge as Democrats Begin to Self-Destruct

The latest Rasmussen poll has trump at 51 percent approval, 7 points higher than Obama at this point in his presidency. Such poll numbers are all the more remarkable given the radically and absurdly negative coverage Trump receives on an hourly basis from the mainstream media. In fact, the Media Research Center conducted a study that found that 92 percent of the media’s coverage of President Trump was decisively negative, the mirror opposite of the fawning coverage that daily accompanied the Obama presidency. But Rasmussen isn't an outlier. The latest Democracy Institute poll has Trump beating Biden by a margin of 48 percent to 46 percent, with Trump leading by a healthy five points in crucial swing states like Florida, Iowa, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. [more...]

My Response to Politico

In the August 1st piece on Politico by Jean Guerrero entitled "The Man Who Made Stephen Miller," they claim that almost 20 years ago I cultivated an angry high-school student named Stephen Miller and that now his ideas are coming to life in the Trump administration. I never claimed to have "made" Stephen Miller. He was a brilliant young man when I met him. Stephen and I are what a reasonable person would call "classical liberals" - we both have written thousands if not hundreds of thousands of words to make clear our positions. But the author of this article is determined to smear us both as racists. This is the fascist mentality of the left. If you disagree with someone, they must be racists. Being against illegal immigration and being for merit immigration, as we both are, is not "anti-immigrant" as this article maliciously claims. To call Stephen or me "hatemongers" and to insinuate that we are racists is just to pull a page out of the slimiest smear site in the country, but it's par for the course for leftists. Identity politics is racism. The Democrat Party trades in racist attacks on a daily basis. I have written three books on race - all of them organized around Martin Luther King's vision of a world in which people are judged on their character, not on their skin color. Of course, being a leftist and supporting a Democrat Party that is currently picking its VP on the basis of skin color, Guerrero wouldn't understand that. Shame on Politico for reprinting this.

Why We Should Believe None of the Polls

Should the polls be believed? Certainly not the "national" polls, because we do not have a national election for president, but 50 state elections. In battleground win-or-lose state polls, Trump has been winning in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and other key states; but the leftist media does not report this. Instead, the leftist press takes polls that relentlessly "oversample" Democrats by as much as 25 percent, and slants questions to promote liberal responses. Even the supposedly conservative Fox News poll oversamples Democrats by 4 percent, thereby tilting its findings leftward. [more...]

Sharpton's 100,000 Racists March

Mayor Muriel Bowser recently announced that "anyone coming into Washington, D.C. from a high-risk state" had to self-quarantine for 14 days. Meanwhile the nation’s riot capital is expecting a 100,000 man hate march organized by Al Sharpton which includes attendees coming from those high-risk states. Georgia is on Bowser’s quarantine list, but two buses coming from Atlanta and one from Macon are currently listed on Sharpton's National Action Network site. Ohio is on the quarantine list, but there are three buses coming from Columbus. Texas is on the list, but three buses are scheduled to leave from Houston. There's also a bus coming from North Carolina despite its presence on the high-risk list. The buses for Sharpton’s "Get Your Knee Off Our Necks" march are scheduled to leave on the 27th or 28th of August for a rally that’s supposed to take place on the 28th leaving no time for a 14-day quarantine. [more...]

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